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Instrument Tray Kit


Fetish Photo Shoot – Story – Review

One of my favorite role-playing scenes for BDSM play is the Medical Fetish, or Naughty Nurse Scenario. I don’t know what it is about having a sexy nurse clad in latex examining your intimate parts, but it is uber hot.

And, I like to play Nurse! I have acquired a few things for my nasty medical room including an old Doctor’s examining table and a crazy old wheelchair that came from a lunatic asylum. I have also been slowly trying to get the equipment needed to set up a really awesome scene.

Because, a Naughty Nurse really needs some nasty medical toys in her little bag of tricks. The best place to shop for these scary devices is They have everything (and I mean everything!) you need to begin your journey into the world of medical fetishes. They were kind enough to supply me with their Instrument Tray Kit for this review! I also bought the Vaginal Graves Speculum and Wartenberg Wheel from them as well about a year ago, so I am including them here as well. To accompany my review, I got two models to pose with the medical instruments: Raven Maven (as the patient) and Betty (as the Naughty Nurse Betty). They are both comedic actors as well, so we had fun doing a “Tongue & Cheek—Medical Fetish Shoot”! Hope you enjoy this review. Photos taken by me, my company: Fatale Femmes Fotography. Click on images to see larger versions.

Raven Maven is very sick, poor dear, and shows up to the Doctor’s Office for an examination. Unfortunately, Dr. Jekyll is away on vacation that week, and poor Raven gets stuck with his inept, scattered-brained nurse, Nurse Betty, (who secretly, never did make it through medical school and doesn’t have a clue how to use medical tools). But she is pretty cute and does pose nicely with her shiny Instrument Tray Kit.

This medical Instrument Tray comes with a 10″ straight forceps hemostat, a 10″ curved forceps hemostat, a retractor, a straight razor, a sponge forceps, a taylor hammer, a pen flashlight, a disposable wartenberg pinwheel and the beautiful shiny stainless steel instrument tray.

medical fetish 3

While Raven lays demurely on the doctor table, Nurse Betty inspects her instruments. First, she uses a Taylor Hammer to check Raven’s reflexes.

The Taylor Hammer is a great BDSM toy that can be used for mild percussion and sensation play. It feels great used as a massage tool on the muscles on the back, or for hammering the butt, thighs and breast. Nurse Betty uses it on Raven’s knee.

medical fetish 12


medical fetish 13

Yes, it appears that Raven has good reflexes. Nurse Betty is not so happy about being kicked in the crotch, however and thinks she might just get back at her bad little patient. Next, Nurse Betty checks Raven’s pupils with a Pen Flashlight.

Pen Flashlights are cruel little tools that are great for intimidating your bad little patient with, especially if you are in a dark room.

medical fetish 15

Pen Flashlights are also perfect if you want to get a good view during an internal examine with a Vaginal Graves Speculum.

Unfortunately, Nurse Betty has never used one of these before and is unsure where she should put it, even with the help of Dr. Jekyll’s chart.

medical fetish 11

Vaginal Speculums a very fun to play with. Nothing feels more naughty and humiliating than getting your legs spread wide and being examined internally by a naughty nurse.

Since she does know how to use the speculum, she figures she’ll at least get a peak at Raven’s tits. She pulls this claw looking tool off her Instrument Tray and pulls Raven’s Johnny shirt aside to get a better look-see.

The claw looking tool, is actually called a Retractor. It is used medically for pulling at your bloody bits during surgery. As a BDSM tool, it can be used for sensation play as the tips are pointed and scratching.

medical fetish 16

Next up, Nurse Betty takes out a pair of forceps. She has seen Dr. Jekyll do throat examines for colds, so tells Raven to stick out her tongue and say “Ahhhhhh!” She then grabs Raven’s tongue in one of the forceps and yanks it out.

Forceps are a must have for any Naughty Nurse, as you can pinch all kinds of things with them. Great for nipples, labia lips, or tongues, forceps come in straight, curved and sponge head varieties.

medical fetish 9

Raven is not happy about this and begins to tell Nurse Betty off. But, Nurse Betty is too quick for her and forces a Jennings Dental Mouth Gag in her mouth. Hmmm… Nurse Betty decides gagging Raven is not enough and brings out her nasty Wartenberg Wheel!

The Wartenberg Wheel is my favorite all-time sensation play toys. Depending on the pressure you use it can be mildly tickling to drawing-blood painful. Great for any part of the body, but especially good for breast torture on nipples and breasts.

medical fetish 25

Nurse Betty has had enough from this naughty patient. She tells her to behave or she will slit her throat! She grabs her very sharp Straight Edge Razor and threatens Raven with it.

These razors are fun for threatening types of play, whether you intend to use them or not. Once you bottom gets a good look at your blade, they will quickly learn how to behave. Some people may use these for actual cutting and blood play as well, but this is an extreme form of edge play that should be done only when properly trained and always with caution.

medical fetish 19

Finally, Nurse Betty decides she must operate on her patient, as she is certainly not showing any signs of immediate improvement, and Nurse Betty has an important date so needs to finish Raven off quickly. She clamps Raven with two pairs of forceps and makes an incision with her straight razor. Luckily, at this point Raven has passed out.

medica lfetish 18

Oooo. Something doesn’t look good here. Nurse Betty thinks there may be a problem. She finds an old “Infections in Surgery” book and sees if she can figure it out.

medical fetish 27

Nope. She’s too much of a scatter-brain to figure out what all those big words mean. Oh, well, it doesn’t look like poor Raven is going to make it. After all that hard work, Nurse Betty is thirsty.

medical fetish 6

Well, its not like Raven can use it!

This photo-story review is brought to you by The Instrument Tray is also now on SALE Was $82.75 Now $69.95.

Find the items I reviewed today on these links:

Instrument Tray Kit | Speculums | Wartenberg Wheel

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