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Nerdcore Horror Calendar 2

Nerdcore Horror Calendar

This is the 2010 Nerdcore Horror Calendar.  Featuring cover model Jana Jordan getting paranormal with a TV set, sultry scream queen Justine Joli in the most vintage of psychotic shower scenes, Bobbi Starr sewn together (literally) in a more naked version of Frankenstein, as well as Aria Giovanni, Kayla Jane...

Happy Halloween from Fatale Femmes 0

Happy Halloween from Fatale Femmes

Fatale Femmes is my old photo company, now extinct.  Here are some creepy shots from one of my favorite shoots that I did.  For me, creepy horror is damn sexy.  But then I’m a super freak…

Air Doll video 0

Air Doll video

Reading my RSS feeds this morning and came across a link to Greta Christina’s review of the Japanese film “Air Doll” (Bae Du-na): “Adult Toy Story: Romance vs Reality in Air Doll” on Carnal Nation. I recently blogged about The Making of Real Dolls Video in which I talked briefly...

Sex Vogue Fashion 1

Sex Vogue Fashion

It looks like I’m not the only one who looks for not-so-subversive sex in fashion advertisements for my pop culture/eye candy posts.  Violet Blue @ also admits to “trolling for porn on fashion blogs more often than places that intentionally feature pornography.”–fashion is pretty cool.  Today she found some...

Video: the Making of RealDolls 3

Video: the Making of RealDolls

Honey Pie from California Is A Place This is uber cool.  It is a mini-documentary from California Is A Place that I found over at VioletBlue’s blog.  It showcases  creator & sculpture Matt McMullen creating one of his RealDoll‘s Honey Pie. Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo....

Sex Art Auction Features Contemporary Masters 0

Sex Art Auction Features Contemporary Masters

Phillips de Pury & Company’s Sex Art Auction in London features 221 sexually focused artworks including amazing photographs from contemporary masters including Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Robert Mapplethorpe, Joel-Peter Witkin and David LaChappelle. Other pieces include artworks by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.  While...

Aaron Hawks Photography 1

Aaron Hawks Photography

Aaron Hawks’ images are very surreal, postmodern and superficial.  I love his work.  He has a quirky sense of style and I love the unnatural use of color, skewed set design, and fetish for the bizarre, that make his photos look like something out of a kinky, deviant, creepy postmodern...

Obey My Demand – Sexy Couture Leather 1

Obey My Demand – Sexy Couture Leather

Obey My Demand is a luxury lingerie and bodywear brand currently specialising in leather with a unique vision to combine luxury trend driven lingerie with sophistication whilst focusing on the sensuality and power of the female form. Using the finest leather with luxurious silk and soft chiffon ruffles to create...

Bondage 101—Part 1: Bondage Basics 23

Bondage 101—Part 1: Bondage Basics

Photos of mine: Fatale Femmes Fotography Bondage Basics Most people have experienced basic bondage in one way or another.  Whether it is your lover simply holding down your wrists while having sex, using a blindfold, or tying you to the bed with silks, bondage is not as taboo as it...

What Are Your Favorite Role Playing Scenes? 0

What Are Your Favorite Role Playing Scenes?

From my photo series “Bad Behavior” Kara Sutra talked about Roleplaying last week in her SexEd Videos here on PopMyCherryReview.  It made me start thinking of all the different role-playing scenarios I have created and my favorite scenes. In my article last week, Are You Kinky? I defined role playing...

The History of Bondage in Mass Media 2- Wonder Woman 5

The History of Bondage in Mass Media 2- Wonder Woman

Last week I explored the History of Bondage in Mass Media with a brief look at the roots of bondage in Japan, then onto Western Culture.  I investigated imagery from John Willie, Bettie Page and Irving Klaw, Pulp Fiction Detective magazines, silent films and seductive celluloid, then retro TV and...

Gaga Over Lady Gaga 0

Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Seems that everyone is gaga over Lady Gaga, even Babba Wawa, who got the reclusive fame monster to talk about her “bisexuality” (or at least having sex with other women) recently.  But, what I really want to know it where does she shop for her antiquated, far-out, eccentric, avante-garde outfits?...

The Vampire and the Nun 3

The Vampire and the Nun

Given my fetish for both Nuns and Vampires, I don’t know how I missed this! From the presentation of the photos I get this storyline…  Nun brings Vampire back from the undead with her purity.  Vampire seduces Nun, rapes her?, kills her, and then has a cigarette.  Takes her back...

Fetish Queen-Dita Von Teese part1 0

Fetish Queen-Dita Von Teese part1

Part 1- Bio “Born Heather Sweet in West Branch, Michigan, Dita grew up fascinated by Technicolor musicals, pin-up imagery, and vintage lingerie. This naturally blond, mid-western girl then transformed herself into one of the glamour girls she grew up adoring. The undisputed international queen of burlesque, Dita brings classic pin-up...

Bound in White 0

Bound in White

“Luciano Carvari’s ad campaign titled ‘No White’ is absolutely, out of control, amazing. It looks like they figured they should go big, or go home. They sure went big with the ‘No White’ ads.”–Robyn Currie via [Trendhunter]

Bound in Black and White 0

Bound in Black and White

American model Shannan Click poses for haute bondage photos (bound in glittering chain) by fashion photographer Dan Martensen for an upcoming provocative  editorial in Exit Magazine showcasing David Yurman‘s designer jewelry. [via-]

Film Noir Lingerie 1

Film Noir Lingerie

Some more Femme Fatale inspired sexy imagery featuring celebrities Lydia Hearst (daughter of Patty Hearst), Kate Moss, Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.