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Fun with Crops

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In BDSM “games”, percussion play is a very popular sport.  Percussion or impact play is any type of hitting, spanking, flogging, smacking or striking type of play that wields a hand or impact implement at a part of the body for the purpose of arousing pleasure and or pain.  Percussion play can also be used as a type of massage such as flogging the back, or for warming up an area of the body to receive more intense stimuli.

There are many types of impact play instruments, the most popular of which, is the hand, but also includes floggers, canes, whips, quirts, paddles, rulers, spatulas, and my favorite, crops.

Most crops are made out of leather, but you can find types made from other materials as well.  The most popular type of crop is the basic riding crop, which is basically a long flexible shaft with a handle on one end and a leather tongue at the other. There are several other types of crops that are a bit more whimsical as well,  including a Skull Crop, a Coffin Crop and a Flying Bat Crop.  Most of these are primarily the same as far as how they work and feel as the tongue part of the crop is similar in shape.

Crops are fairly easy to learn how to use and don’t take a lot of practice like floggers do.  Crops can deliver a nasty sting however, so you should try them out on yourself to feel the varying degrees of impact before trying them on your playmate.  Also, make sure you are using the tip (tongue) of the crop to hit with, and not the shaft itself, unless you intend to use it like a cane, which is devilishly sadistic indeed.

The thing I like best about crops is that they are easy to wield precisely on small areas of flesh like the breasts, the sweet spot on the buttocks, the inner thighs, the soles of the feet and the genitals.  Be sure to go easy with any area at first and gauge your partner’s reaction to the pain/pleasure.  With most percussion play you want to bring your partner to a certain level of pleasure/pain that is based on their tolerance level and to vary slightly below and above that level, so they experience a heightened arousal and a bit of pain, but nothing that is too overwhelming or intense.  At that point your are slightly pushing their limits but not exceeding them.  In other words, you don’t just want to whack your playmate into submission and make them scream their safe word, but to keep an elevated height of arousal going on for a sustained period of time.

With any type of percussion play, I like to start with my hands first to warm up the area.  I do that by massaging, kneading, rubbing and lightly spanking the area first.  This helps to bring the blood flow to the area and heighten arousal.  Once your partner is warmed-up, you can begin to increase the force of impact and change implements.  In between cropping, I still go back to hands-on rubbing and kneading to help rub the sting out of a nasty whack, so my partner can absorb the pain better and take more.  I also vary strokes to different areas, different speeds and force of impact, to keep my partner off-guard and expectant (so they are fully engaged with me), and so they can better assimilate the experience.

While I am a nasty sadistic bitch, there is no fun for me if a person cannot process the pain and has to end the session too soon or suddenly.  The longer they can handle it, the more they can take, the more pleasure I get out of a session.  So keep that in mind with any type of percussion play and don’t just try to devastate your partner with your whackity-whacks!  Vary the session between sensual and pain to get the most out of the experience for both you and your partner and to leave them begging you for more!

There are lots of games you can play during percussion play to either quicken or extend a session, based on your partner’s responses.  A nasty one is to get them to do math by asking questions like “How old were you in 1993” or getting them to count backwards from a predefined number with each stroke.  My favorite is the Alphabet game, which is fun in a teacher/schoolgirl scenario, where you get them to recite the Alphabet, say a word that begins with that letter and spell it.  Often people make mistakes with this one, which leads to more whacks.

So, there’s some ideas on how you can have fun with crops.  For some ideas on types of crops to choose, check out to see their wide range of bdsm toys and sex toys.

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