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Oui Personal Pleasure Massager


It’s a UFO!  It’s chocolate after dinner wafer!  It’s a make-up compact?!  No, it’s an Oui Personal Pleasure Massager!  To be truthful, it is one of the oddest looking vibrators I’ve ever owned.  It doesn’t look anything like what a “normal” vibrator would look like–and that’s the whole point.

The Oui Personal Pleasure Massager is the ultimate in discreet, which was Adam & Eve‘s goal in designing this little vibe.  It is wafer-thin, disk-shaped, and looks like (as mentioned) half-way between a tiny alien space craft and a make-up compact.  It is very elegant and would not cause suspicion in any woman’s purse.  The buzz is not incredibly powerful, but it has enough juice for a pleasurable clitoral orgasm, if you are into buzzy little vibrators.  Although I am usually into vibes that pack a more powerful punch, I had no problem getting off with this little gem.

The Oui Personal Pleasure Massager would be the perfect little clit vibrator for women who may be purchasing their first intimate massager, or who are worried about the appearance of the vibrator looking like a sex toy.  Pretty, elegant and discreet.  Comes in a nice little gift box with a nice storage pouch.  One speed, 1 AAA battery. Comes in Silver or Black.


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