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5 Top Erogenous Zones on the Female Body

Hey Ladies!

Did you know that hidden within you genitals there are five amazing zones that can give you the ultimate in pleasure and orgasms?

Let’s find out all about them, shall we?

Specific Erogenous Zones

On the female body there are nonspecific erogenous zones, and also specific erogenous zones which are all hidden away within the female genitalia. These include the C-spot (clitoris), the G-spot, the U-spot, the A-spot and the PS-spot.  Specific erogenous zones can be very orgasmic and are all closely interconnected and associated with the sexual response in women.

External Zones

Within the folds of the Vulva, we find the first two pleasure zones like two peas in a pod: the Clitoris or C-spot, and the U-spot.

The C-spot (Also known as the Fabulous Clitoris)

The clitoris is the number one hot spot on the female pleasure zone and 70% of women get off from clitoral stimulation. The only organ designed solely for pleasure, this small sensitive glans is located just under where the top of the inner vaginal lips meet.

The clitoris has over 8000 sensitive nerve endings, which is more than any other part of the human body, including the male penis. For this reason, it can be extremely sensitive until a woman is completely aroused, so start with foreplay first on other areas of the body–the lips, the breasts, the vulva–before attacking the clitoris.

While some women want and need direct stimulation of the clitoris, for other women this can be uncomfortable and even painful. So again, start slow, use lots of lube, and circle your way around the clitoris before touching the sensitive glans directly.

Many women find the top right hand side of the clitoris is very sensitive so try this spot using a lubricated finger, tongue or vibrator to stimulate her. If her clitoris was a clock, the hot spot would be at 10:30pm. Try focusing on different time zones around her little clock and watch her body language as she responds. Or ask her to tell you which area feels best to her.

Nerves from the clitoris travel through the vagina, the bladder and urethra, passing along any sensations produced in that area. This means that clitoral orgasms are closely related to G spot orgasms, even though they feel much different.

The U-spot

The U-spot is a sensitive rim of tissue that circles the urethra opening like an upside-down U. It was only recently discovered, but when stimulated correctly can create powerful orgasms and is partly responsible for female ejaculation.

This skin around the U-spot can be very sensitive once a woman becomes sexually aroused.  The U-spot is connected to the erectile tissue of the female prostate and the Skene’s glans, so stimulating this area can result in female ejaculation, so be prepared if this happens.

The U-spot loves oral sex.  But, first, you need to be very aroused before you explore there, because it can get irritated if you are not already super turned on.  So, lots of foreplay and clitoral stimulation should come first.

Once you are aroused, your partner should begin licking the U-spot like a sweet ice cream cone, nice and slow.  Next, they can lick in between the clitoris and U-spot, varying the direction of strokes, up and down and side to side.  Likcing the little ridge above it in small half-circles with soft wet licks feels great as well, or even softly sucking on it.

A-spot stimulation can be pared with G-spot stimulation and often results in explosive female ejaculation and orgasm.

Internal Zones

Within the Vagina there are three more secret hot spots.  The first is the G-spot, which many people have been “gushing” about.  Then there is the A-spot (or Deep Spot) and the PS-spot.

The G Spot (or Infamous G Spot)

The infamous G-spot, or Grafenberg Spot, (also known as the Female Prostate) is talked about a lot, but for most women it remains elusive. It is an extremely sensitive area on the front wall inside the vaginal canal approximately one to two inches up, near the bladder. It was first described it as “an erotic zone located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during sexual stimulation.”

That seems easy enough, so why it is so hard to find? The G spot is often elusive because in its sexually “un-stimulated” state it doesn’t feel pleasure and it very small. But once aroused, the G spot will begin to swell with fluid, and a wrinkly, prune-like tissue (the urethral sponge) will make itself noticeable to touch. It will also start to feel pleasurable to be touched.

Like most forms of sexual arousal, it is better to warm her up first with foreplay, then trying to search for the G spot right away. Once your lover is aroused, you can then insert two fingers, or a G spot dildo in her vagina to stimulate the G spot. And, clitoral stimulation before and during G spot arousal works to get the G spot excited as well.

To stimulate the G spot with your fingers make sure they are well lubricated and your nails are trimmed short (or use a glove and lots of lube). Insert your fingers 1″-2″ inside the vagina and feel for the puffy, wrinkly sponge-like spot just blow her pelvis. The G spot will feel somewhat like the roof of your mouth when feeling it with your tongue, whereas the surrounding tissue will feel like the insides of your cheeks, very smooth. There you’ve found it.

Start by using a “come hither” motion with your fingers to gently massage the G spot, and add firm pressure when she begins thrusting her hips towards you. The G spot craves firm pressure and thrusting when it is very aroused. A firm, curved dildo or vibrator made for G spot pleasure will also work well for this technique.

When a woman is ready to orgasm via G spot stimulation she may ejaculate so be prepared. Absorbent towels are good to have handy. The force of the orgasm may also push your fingers or any toy out of the vagina as well.

The A-spot

The A-spot is part of the AFE zone, which encompasses both the anterior and posterior fornix.  These two spots mirror each other on either side of the cervix at the very back of the vagina.  The A-spot is located on the belly side just below the bladder, while its twin (the P-spot) is next to the anus.  The doctor who discovered it claims that when properly stimulated, it can produce multiple orgasms and make the vagina gush with fluids.

The A-spot is about 3 ½ to 4 ½ inches in depth or as deep as your middle finger can reach at the back of the vagina, on the top wall (or the belly side).  There, you should feel a smooth ridge and groove, like the edge of a Frisbee that is encircles the cervix.  The cervix protrudes a little so try to avoid touching it as it may cause discomfort.  Many sexologists think the A-spot may be the end of the G-spot, so stimulating the two together can have explosive orgasmic results.

The A-spot can be stimulated during deep vaginal intercourse, or by using the fingers or a long G-spot type toy.  With fingers, the A-spot can be stimulated much like you do with the G-spot in a come hither stroke, pressing into the valley and then using the pad of the finger to pull backwards towards the ridge as if are scooping out the area.

After some stimulation, the vagina will begin to balloon out from muscular contractions, thrusting the cervix so it tilts back, and lengthening the vaginal canal, thus exposing the A-spot pleasure zone even better.  At this point, you may gush with vaginal secretions. If this happens, super!—you have found the right place so keep going!

The PS-spot

The PS in PS-spot stands for perineal sponge.  It lies within the vagina just beneath the perineum (the diamond shaped tissue between the vagina and anus). It is located internally on the back wall of the vagina, opposite the G-spot, but only about a ½ an inch depth.

The PS-spot can be pleasured by stimulating the perineum from the outside, or internally via the vagina or anus during penetration.  It can be tickled, stroked, licked, sucked and massaged as well for various types of pleasure.

Basically any pressure on this area can arouse the PS-spot.  It can also be stimulated during vaginal or anal sex as well.  So explore what feels good, you never know what you may find.

All the Spots!

Now that you know where all your hot secret spots are, experiment with your partner trying different types of sexy play.  Try combining some of these hots spots together for even more amazing orgasms!

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