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Bswish Bsoft

In 2009 I did a series of Luxury Sex Toy reviews as it has been a growing trend in the marketplace.  While looking for potential products to review, I came across the Bswish Bsoft rechargeable vibrator.  I was initially interested in this product because Bswish is one of the new sex toy companies on the market who are trying to go about doing things differently by making stylish, body-safe products targeted towards a chic, hip woman’s market.  So, plunge I did.

Sadly, however I was very unimpressed with the Bsoft when it arrived.  Although the packaging was nice and it is a rechargeable vibe (bonus) the vibe itself looked and felt very flimsy and cheap.  For a product that retails around $70, I was expecting much more “quality”.  Which brings me to a point to why I think sex toy reviews, or product reviews of any kind are so valuable.  Because I can’t hold and touch a product online, I rely heavily on what other consumers say about a product.  If I can’t read a book, I read other people’s reviews of it on Amazon before buying it.  The same goes with sex toys. I always read other sex toy reviewers’ product reviews before making a purchase of my own.

If I had of read an honest review of this product I would have known it was made of a very lightweight plastic, like a child’s cheap “flying saucer” toy that I could easily crush or break.  I would have known that the design of the toy, while fitting well with the vulva, doesn’t stimulate the clitoris well at all and is almost impossible to place near the clit.  I would have also read that the vibrations are meh (subtle) and that it lacked the power that any good clitoral vibrator should have.  Also, it is impossible to not hit the controls while you are trying to use and position it, which turns it off constantly. So, in a nutshell, I would have learned it was useless for it designed purpose.  Maybe some kid would get a charge out of it pretending to fly it around the galaxy before they broke it, but for a woman wanting to masturbate this toy is a dud.

Moral of the story?  I know many sex toy stores don’t have the time to review each and every product they sell.  That is why I think it is valuable for them to have people to review their products, as well as for the consumers who are looking to buy these products.  There must be about a bazillion sex toys on the market, so how do you know what works or which one(s) to choose?

This was one of the reasons I got into reviewing sex toys in the first place.  I was often frustrated with my purchases of junky sex toys, toys that broke, didn’t perform as advertised, or those made out of crappy materials.  Soon after I started reviewing and while working in a brick and mortar sex toy shop, I was introduced to smelly jellies and the dangers of phthalates and other nasty chemicals used in sex toy manufacturing.  And, while some people like to put down what sex toy reviewers do and think they are only in it for free toys, I have always been passionate about doing honest reviews that I think help and educate consumers.  I don’t just review sex toys because it is a fad, I do it because I work in the adult industry and it is important to me to improve the quality of products sex shops sell and manufacturers make.  But, mainly I do it for myself and for consumers, because I want everyone to have happy orgasms, and be able to choose the best sex toys of quality that are suited to them.

So, if you ever have any questions about a certain product or sex toys in general, don’t be afraid to ask me.  I have reviewed over 500 products and if I haven’t reviewed that exact product, I can most likely still tell you quite a bit about it, or recommend another product you would like based on what you are looking for.

Okay, that’s my soapbox for today!

While I didn’t like the Bswish Bsoft, please do check out my Sex Toy Shop for other clitoral stimulators like the lovely Lily (my review) and her chic little sister Nea (my review) both by Lelo for happy orgasms.

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