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Honorable Mentions!


Whoot!  I’m in the “news”, twice in one day, and yesterday too, so had to share.  You know how cool it is to watch whose watching you and to get those honorable mentions (or is it unmentionables?) reviewed my new blog (no don’t click it you’re already here!).

Cutter writes:

“Speaking of things sexy and sometimes blasphemous, our own occasional APN contributor DominaDoll has just done some some serious upgrades to her sexy fun and offbeat review blog PopMyCherry. PopMyCherry is all about real sex toy reviews, adult film and movie reviews, sexuality articles, and pop culture, and it’s always a good read. We really enjoy the honest insights she shares about the products she diligently checks out and test drives for us. I’ve read a lot of useless adult product ‘reviews’ and I know I can get the real skinny from DominaDoll. Plus, she finds the weirdest stuff. I couldn’t care less if some stock-photo looking co-ed really loves her Jackrabbit because she saw it on Sex in the City, but DominaDoll has whole sections full of strange sex toys for the adventurous, like the Timber Wolf, the Dragon Tongue, the Jackhammer Jesus, and many more. She shares an intimate view of her own sexuality and fetishes, along with graphic and informative descriptions of her actual experiences with the products, how they feel going inside her, how she came, and everything else you really wanted to know but maybe didn’t ask. I really like the new improved PopMyCherry layout and I always know I can find something freaky and sexy there.”–

Thank you Cutter!  You know I <3!

And, gave me a shout out as well about my review of Eon McKai’s Content.  Sweet!

“POP MY CHERRY ENJOYS CONTENT Domina Doll writes in her review on the popular website that the new Eon McKai film Content is a winner.”–

Thanks Vivid!  Except its guys, but I do appreicate it none-the-less, after all they did call my website POPULAR!

And the lovely Harrie at LoveHoneyBlog mentioned my Timber Wolf Review.

Harrie writes:

“I wouldn’t say that I’m easily shocked, which is a good thing considering the nature of my job. However, I had to take a moment when I read a particular review on the Pop My Cherry site.

Each week Pop My Cherry write about a strange sex toy, and the Timber Wolf Dildo is most certainly that! A dildo based on the penis of a wolf is not something that gets me going, although it would seem that this particular reviewer was quite pleased with hers. I guess animals and sex toys are not uncommon (rabbit vibrators, ducks, even butterfly’s in the form of Lovehoney’s hands free orgasm device) but this seems to be going too far for me.  Each to their own, is what I say!”–Harrie at LoveHoneyBlog

Thanks Harrie!  All I can say, is each to their own indeed!  I’d much rather stick a hand-crafted silicone (body-safe) sex toy made by skilled artisans in my body that a phthalate JELLY butterfly in my twat!  I actually had one like that years ago before I educated myself about safe sex toys.  I didn’t like it anyway cause it chafed, was extremely inflexible and uncomfortable and generally sucked. By the way, I wonder what Harrie stands for? BowWow!

So, thanks so much folks for all the lovely thoughts and praise!  It made my day!

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