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Interview with Kara Sutra

There is an excellent interview with my friend Kara Sutra over at SexLife Canada.

SLC: What made you want to start the Sex Ed 102 channel?
KS: About 6 years ago I started working in an adult novelty store where it was expected that we learn everything we could regarding human anatomy (in regard to sex/sexuality), sexual techniques, sex toy materials, what each product was and how to safely use it, common misconceptions regarding sex/STD’s/sexuality and to challenge our perceptions of what “healthy sexuality” meant. Through this position I had customers ask various questions on a daily basis; some were regarding issues I thought were common knowledge (if we have sex in the shower we don’t need protection right?), some were based on a lack of knowledge about their body (my clitoris is inside my vagina right?), other’s were rare and extremely unique (regarding “furries”, types of role play and the safety issues to consider). It was this experience that lead me to believe Sex Ed 102 could be something people would possibly benefit from. I made my first video based on a whim and within 24 hours it had 100,000 YouTube hits, that was what sold me on my idea.

Read the Rest…Go on, check it out.

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