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Domina Doll

Sexy Pin-up Zombie Calendar! 0

Sexy Pin-up Zombie Calendar!

During the Halifax Zombie Walk this summer I took the opportunity to invite some models and do a Sexy Zombie Photoshoot.  The photoshoot was a lot of fun and I got a lot of amazing sexy Zombies to take part in it, so decided to make a Sexy Pin-up Zombie...

Top 100 Sex Bloggers List! 3

Top 100 Sex Bloggers List!

Wow!  Super cool. made the 2001 Top 100 Sex Bloggers List (#45) created and run for the past 3 years by Rori at Between My Sheets.  Thank you to everyone who nominated us (even if I did have to entice you with a nudie shot of my tits)!  Thank...

Nominations for Sexiest Bloggers of 2010 0

Nominations for Sexiest Bloggers of 2010

@SweetRori over at Between My Sheets blog is gathering nominations for the 3rd annual Top 100 Sex Bloggers List 2010.  So, if you know of a sex blog you would like to nominate (a-hem…) then get over there and nominate them! I went over today and posted my nominations.  Really,...

Reinventing PopMyCherryReview for 2010 0

Reinventing PopMyCherryReview for 2010 is about seven months old since I moved it to its own site, before which it was about a year online.  Now that 2010 has come I find myself reevaluating what I originally wanted to do with PopMyCherryReview.  While doing sex toy reviews was and has been my main...

Kinky New Year in Review 0

Kinky New Year in Review

Willing and Wanting by Aaron Hawks As the year 2009 draws to a close, it seems a big turning point, the beginning of the end of a decade and 2010.  Some how, the year 2010 seems strangely science fiction, some far away date that would never arrive.  yet here it...

Happy Holidays 0

Happy Holidays

Image by VivaVanStory I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays from!  Wishing you the best of love, life and friendship for the season!  Eat, drink and be Merry!

PMC-review is back 12

PMC-review is back

Wow.  What a fucking headache that was.  It has been a week since I was able to log-in to my account and make any posts.  I apologize for being AWAL.  Believe me, I was in a panic!  So last Monday’s Scavenger Hunt was a no show, but I will double...

Honorable Mentions! 1

Honorable Mentions!

Whoot!  I’m in the “news”, twice in one day, and yesterday too, so had to share.  You know how cool it is to watch whose watching you and to get those honorable mentions (or is it unmentionables?) reviewed my new blog (no don’t click it you’re already here!)....