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Why Vibrators are Still a Girl’s Best Friend

We have all heard the saying that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. But, if you were lost on a desert island all by your lonesome (with enough water and food to live off of), I bet you’d rather take your trusty old vibrator along with you rather than a diamond.

The vibrator has been around for over 100 years and has been giving women orgasms ever since. Women love vibrators because many of us need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm and most vibrators deliver enough power and consistent stimulation to make clits happy.

So, in the world of sex toys, vibrators are Queen when it comes to giving women the ability to achieve mind-blowing orgasms, as well as multiple, continuous and full-bodied pleasure.

But, which vibrators are the best?

With hundreds of different kinds of vibrators, it may be hard to figure out which vibrators are the best ones to get you there (there being orgasmic ecstasy!). Today there are so many options!

However, this is kind of a difficult question to answer, because every woman has her own unique anatomical make-up and pleasure preferences.

Vibrator Types and Features

While there are hundreds of kinds of vibrators, I’m only going to focus on the main ones which include clitoral vibrators, penetrative vibrators, clitoral suckers and dual action vibes (or Rabbits).

Clitoral vibrators include the biggest array of vibrators types including bullets, massagers, finger vibes, pocket rockets, lipstick vibrators and classical style vibes. Most clitoral vibes are small and discreet, but also include large power wands like the famous Magic Wand. The advantage of clitoral vibes is that most are pin-point focused for exact stimulation of the clitoris, are fairly powerful and made of materials that resonate vibration well.

Clitoral suckers are a new style of vibrator that uses air pressure waves and touch free clitoral stimulation to stimulate all around the clitoris for massive, less than 1-minute orgasms. The pleasure air stimulation feels like a sucking action, or even oral sex and is great for women who want clitoral pleasure and quick orgasms.

Penetrative vibrators are basically dildos with vibration and come in various designs from realistic to classic and different types of materials. Penetrative vibes are great for women who like to be penetrated and stimulated inside the vagina (and/or anus).  Many vibrating dildos are curved and designed for G-spot pleasure as well. The only drawback is that they don’t stimulate the clitoris at the same time.

That’s where dual action or Rabbit vibrators come in. Rabbits stimulate the clitoris while also providing penetrative pleasure. Rabbits feature dual heads, one with little bunny ears to stimulate each side of the clitoris and one phallic shaped head that penetrates the vagina. Many rabbits also have extra features like swirling beads, rotating shafts and thrusting capabilities. Dual action vibrators also include couple’s vibrators like the We-Vibe that can be used during penetrative sex with your partner.

So, which vibrators are best?


Well, that all depends on what you want and which part of your body you want stimulated. You should also consider many other attributes as well, such as material, power, vibration speed, shape, design and quality.

All those features, especially quality will determine (for the most part) the price range of the toy as well. That said, sometimes the KISS acronym works best in design, and simple is often better, as there are fewer moving parts that can break or simply not work as designed or desired.

So, while a pocket rocket vibrator may look deceptively small and boring, it is still powerful enough for many women to get the job done.

Of course, if you really want to blow your mind and have quick, powerful clitoral orgasms, clitoral suckers are the way to go.

But, if you want to experience more full-bodied, deeper orgasms, then usually the G-spot and/or cervix should also be stimulated along with the clitoris, so Rabbit vibrators may be the right toy for you.

But, who says you have to choose anyway? Why not try them all? Or have different vibes for different types of stimulation or different moods? Sometimes you may just want a quickie, while other times you may want to arouse yourself into a long, drawn-out seduction.

Whatever you choose, it Is plain to see that vibrators are still a girl’s best friend when it comes to achieving orgasms and sexual pleasure, whether solo or with your partner.




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