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A Guide to Shopping at Sex Toy Shops

Whether you are shopping for your first sex toy, or looking for the next best pleasure product to add to your collection, the first thing you need to decide is where to shop.

These days we have many choices available when it comes to buying sex toys. Not like the old days where there were only a few low-quality smut shops where you could get a basic vibrator, one speed only, and hope for the best. Zoom, zoom!

Now-a-days there are thousands of online sex toys shops that deliver straight to your door in discreet plain packaging, and every city has several high-quality adult novelty shops selling a variety of intimate devices to choose from.

Where to Shop?

You can shop online, or at a local sex toy shop.

Personally, unless you know a lot about sex toys and exactly what you want, I recommend going to a brick and mortar sex toy shop in person for sex toy purchases.

While you may want to browse online, read reviews and compare prices, shopping in person gives you the opportunity to get expert help from the store’s sale’s staff and to get a feel for the toy you want to purchase in person. You can ask the sale’s person to show you a selection of products you may be interested in, touch the toy and even take it for a test drive (you can touch a vibrator to the tip of your nose to feel what the strength of the vibration may feel like).

Most sex toy shops now have knowledgeable staff who can help you get the toy that is right for the type of pleasure you are seeking.

Before You Shop

However, before you shop it is a good idea to consider what type of toy you want and the area of the body you want to pleasure. Clitoris? Vagina? Penis? Anus? Nipples? Maybe something a bit kinky?

Next, you can browse online to see the variety of toys available for the pleasure you want to experience. Most online stores have reviews from other users, and you can even read reviews in sex toy review blogs, like Pop My Cherry Review. ????

If you decide to shop online, I recommend shopping in a store that is specifically for sex toys (not Amazon), and you can find the best shops by going to review sites like Yelp. Make sure the store has a phone number as well, and a real person you can contact in case you have any problems. Lots of online stores have live chat now too, so you can get help during your purchase.

There are also private review sites you can check out for specific cities, like those in Montreal, Melbourne, and London.

The Best Shopping Experience

When shopping in person, you want to make sure you have the best experience. Again, read reviews from sex toy review sites. When you decide on a store in your location make sure it is clean, well-lit, has a good selection as well as informative and welcoming staff. If the sales person ignores you when you walk in, that’s a bad sign.

When I worked at my first local sex toy shop, we always welcomed people as soon as they came in the store and let them know they could ask us if they needed any assistance. This helped to put customers at ease and allowed them to browse or ask for advice at their leisure.

Ask the sales’ person what their bestsellers are. What’s new and innovative? Is the toy multiple use? And, make sure to go for quality over price. That’s not to say you need to buy the gold-plated $1000 luxury vibe, but usually you get what you pay for when it comes to sex toys. Mid-range to higher end tends to be better made toys, so you’ll get more bang for your buck. And go for well-know brand names rather than the knock-offs. There are few vibrators that match the quality of the Original Magic Wand, so don’t buy a cheaper, low quality version and be disappointed.

Finally, what is the store’s return policy? Will they take back the toy if it is faulty or breaks? Many high-end toys have at least a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so make sure you find this out before you purchase. Also, get the sale’s person to put batteries in the toy and test if it works before you leave. You don’t want to get all the way home excited to try out your new purchase to find out it’s a dud!

Does the store offer discounts? Do they have a frequent buyer program? A newsletter you can sign up for store events and VIP specials? Most stores do, so don’t be afraid to inquire.

To make your shopping experience even more pleasurable, why not take a friend? Bringing a lover, friend with benefits, or even just a gal-pal, is a great way to feel more comfortable and help you make a purchasing decision. Plus, it’s a lot more fun!

So that’s the low down on shopping at sex toy shops, whether online or in person.

Have fun with your next sex toy purchase!

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