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The Most Adventurous Ways to Use Your Sex Toys

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There is an irony about using sex toys that we’re sure most toy lovers are familiar with. Many of us use sex toys, you see, to take our sex lives to the next level. Because despite the fact that skin to skin sex is great and everything, it is not always possible or convenient.

And then just when it seems that all is lost, in comes the toys to save the day.

Apart from all of these functions, though, perhaps the most important function of a sex toy is that it is capable of keeping things interesting just when regular sex becomes too conventional.

But the irony is this.

Despite the fact that it is the toy’s job to keep sex interesting when things get boring, even toys themselves can become too familiar, especially when we don’t try to add a little bit of adventure to their use.

There are so many different toys around, and so many different ways to use them, that this shouldn’t be a problem at all. Sadly, getting the right inspiration of adventurous ways to use your sex toys can be something of a challenge.

In case you fall into this category and need some help with spicing things up with your toys, the list below is for you.


Adventurous Ways to Use your Sex Toys

Remote Controlled Toys

Remote controlled toys are all the rage nowadays, and it is not hard at all to see why. The possibilities of having a toy that can be controlled by another person from miles away is pretty much endless.

For starters, remote controlled toys make all sorts of games possible. You could have a game where the loser gets to activate the other person’s toy or vice versa.

They also make long distance relationships a lot more fun. These toys can be controlled from miles away, usually through an app. So it doesn’t matter if your partner happens to be in another country or a whole different continent, you both can still have a lot of good times helping each other attain orgasm.

What’s more, you don’t even need someone else to make your remote-controlled toy fun to use. Here’s an example of how. You can simply choose to have some fun by wearing your toy to a social gathering, and without anyone the wiser, pleasuring yourself through an app.

Toys in Public

Toys in public places are regarded by many toy lovers as the ultimate rush. It takes some courage to wear your toys out in public, and this mix of anxiety and jeopardy can make the act a whole lot more fun.

We already know about how great sex in the outdoors can be. Using sex toys make this much safer and more convenient. You don’t even have to get naked. You can also try sex in the outdoors with a partner and without a partner. Though it should be said that it is infinitely more fun when you do it with someone else.

The idea here is to have the toy inside of you while your partner holds the control. This way they get to control your stimulation and orgasms even while both of you are, say, shopping at the mall or attending a formal dinner with old associates.

The thrill and exhilaration from this go a long way in reinjecting a spark into relationships and rejuvenating peoples’ sex lives.

Toys & Cam Modelling

The combination of toys and cam modelling is probably the most exhilarating one on the list. But of course it must be said that this combo is not for everyone, but for sex toy lovers who also happen to have a penchant for being watched.

For people who fall into this category, by putting their toys to use on cam modelling platforms, they not only inject a whole new level of freshness and fun to their sex toy use, but also get to satisfy their urge for sexual exhibitionism while making a lot of money in the process.

And by a lot of money, we mean a whole lot of money. Models and broadcasters on cam platforms have been known to make as much as five to six figures every month. But of course this is for the people who do it right and show the right amount of consistency.

Doing it right implies choosing the right platform, for which we recommend Chaturbate thanks to its popularity, large user pool, reward system, and ability to customize profiles to increase uniqueness.

Customizing a profile is something every new cam model must do, and it is very easy on Chaturbate thanks to design platforms like that lets you edit, export and embed high-quality design templates on your Chaturbate profile free of charge.

Toys & Household Objects

Using your sex toys with regular household objects can also go a long way in breaking the familiarity you may have built with sex toys use overtime. First of all, using toys this way adds a little dose of creativity to the whole thing, because you’re not confined to the basic use of the toys on their own, but you must figure out a way to make them work with other household items.

An example of this is using your toy along with your washing machine at full vibration. This way you’re enjoying the best of both worlds, and what’s more, you can even do this with your partner.

Household items that you can use your toys with aren’t limited to washing machines and things that vibrate alone. You can also use your toys with socks as blindfold for sensory deprivation, for example, or with other items such as house tapes for handcuffs, belts for a level of BDSM, and we’re sure even your Nutella can find a use somewhere.

Toys & Edging

Edging is a sexual act that involves getting very close to orgasm and then stopping at the very last minute. Edging derives its name from being so close in concept to “living on the edge” which is a very exhilarating way to live.

Edging can bring a whole new dose of fun to your sex live, but this is quite hard to do with sex. It requires a great deal of control and practice. With sex toys, however, it is a whole lot easier.

In this scenario the sex toys are in your partners hand, maybe even controlled through an app. This way they can gauge your reaction and stop easily when you’re near to orgasm.


Sex toys are great, and the possibilities they offer are pretty much endless. You don’t have to worry about a boring sex life with them – if you know how to spice things up.

Using them remotely, in the outdoors, as part of your webcam show, to perfect your edging skills, and with household items are all ways you can take your toy use to the next level and ensure your sex life is never boring again.


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