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The Eroscillator—Most Amazing Sex Toy Review

Have you heard of the Eroscillator

It has been hailed as the best clitoral “vibrator” on the market and is the ONLY sex toy endorsed by renowned Sex Therapist, Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer.

So, when I decided to review it, I was expecting a lot.  And, guess what?  It delivered.

All the hype I have heard about this toy is true. It is really amazing and I was definitely impressed by how it worked. It osculates instead of vibrates, and believe me there is a difference.  Rather than a buzzy feeling, it gives you a deep tingle like butterflies in the belly, but in this case in your clit, which spreads through the genital area, especially the vulva and activates the whole area.  I orgasmed (is that a word?) in 2 minutes of play on the lowest setting, and that was trying to hold back my first time.  I nearly flew off my bed and hit the roof.

I was so amazed by my orgasm, that I tried it again, right away.  Minutes turned into an hour long session where I climaxed again and again.  I tried to stay away from my clitoris as long as could, allowing the toy to stimulate the vulva (which was in-itself amazing—I never realized how my vulva could be so responsive).  I ended up spontaneously ejaculating (big squirts) and was again quite blown away.  I surely didn’t expect that just from stimulating the vulva and then the clitoris, as usually I ejaculate with a g spot dildo.

Now every time I use it I ejaculate like crazy, and I do make sure to completely drain my bladder beforehand, because I just couldn’t believe it was just ejaculation.

Ok, so enough about my experience.  I could seriously go on forever about it.

So how does this toy work?

The Eroscillator is Swiss engineered, with a high quality motor.  That means it is very powerful, will last a long time and is specifically designed for targeted clitoral stimulation (although it does have a G spot attachment as well).  In my opinion, it is best for clitoral pleasure though.

It works by oscillating back and forth, like an electric toothbrush. Unlike vibrators, the oscillations are more intense and focused.  This is because of the unique power-heads that attach directly to the motor (between 2200 and 3600 oscillations per minute–which is very fast on the highest setting) and because of how it flickers the clitoris, rather than buzz it.   It has three intensities: low, medium and high. It is not as powerful as the Hitachi Magic Wand, but the oscillations make for a more intense stimulation.

The best way to use it is on the clitoris.  Everyone is different on how they like clitoral stimulation, so it is important to try it different ways. Touching lightly may give you more stimulation than pressing firmly, and you may want to try on the side of the clitoris rather than directly ON it. In fact, many women have a sweet spot on one side of their clitoris that is more sensitive than anywhere else.

The regular Eroscillator comes with 3 head attachments:

***Golden Spoon – This attachment “spoons” the clitoris, like a mini-mouth all around it and almost feels like oral sex.  I like this attachment the best.

Ball & Cup – This is a small cup with 3 pleasure bumps on the convex side and a little clitoral cup on the concave side.  I started with this one and it is amazing.

Grapes and Cockscomb – I wasn’t sure what to make of this attachment.  It is like grapes on one side, and then has this “cockscomb” (think of a rooster head) projection on the other side.  I tried it and it was stimulating but I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  Needs further exploration.

The Deluxe Model, which I got, also had these attachments:

Seven Pearls of the Orient – This is like anal beads and is used for penetration of the vagina and anus.  It tried it briefly in my vagina, and it was ok, but I much preferred the clitoral and vulva stimulation.

French Legionnaire’s Moustache – I’m not exactly sure what this attachment is supposed to do.  It says “The French Legionnaire’s Moustache your ultimate and most sophisticated, next discovery in and outside your vagina.”  I used it on my vulva, and while it wasn’t scratchy as I had suspected, it was a bit weird feeling.  Again, needs more exploration.

Finally, there is one more attachment you can buy separate:

Ultra Soft Finger Tip – This has a soft silicone nub on it that reminds me of a polisher for gems that a jeweler would use.  It feels great and really does polish up your “pearl”.

The attachments are made of silicon-coated TPR, a body safe material.  They attach to the wand easily, sliding on and locking into place.  The wand is made from ABS hard plastic and has a big motor.  It plugs in to use and has a really, really long cord (12”), so you could plug it in and use it across a large room.

The Eroscillator has been recommended to women who have a hard time reaching orgasm.  I really think most women would find they can orgasm with this, even if they never have before, at least if their problem is a physical one, because it really does awaken the whole vulva and genitals to orgasmic pleasure.

It is a luxury sex toy to be sure, and not for everyone’s budget.  But, it is definitely the best of its kind on the market, and there is not really anything that comes close to the type of sensation it gives, or the orgasms women get from it.  I have never heard of anyone not be satisfied with it. For me, it is worth the $$ you spend for it, but then I like good quality toys and ones that last a long time and I also value my orgasms!  It also has a 1 year warranty and will likely last for many years if taken proper care of.

Best of all!?  It is wonderful to play with again and again, as I explore other areas of my vulva (something I don’t do enough) as it really awakens the senses.  Amazing! Fabulous! Sensual! Orgasmic! Thigh-clenching bliss! OMG WOW!

If you want the best orgasmic tool for women on the market, then this is it.  Oh, and since it is the season for giving, if you really want to impress your partner and give her the ultimate in luxury and pleasure, get her the Eroscillator.  She will thank you for it in a thousand sexy ways.

Oh, and not too many places sell the Eroscillator, so go to where you can buy it in the US or via their Canadian store.  Even if you don’t want this toy, check them out as they have pages and pages of amazing specials.  Use coupon code MOOSE15 at check out to get 15% off your order, also includes free shipping.


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