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White Nights Pleasure Kit – Pocket Rockets Review



I just received my White Nights Pleasure Kit the other day and couldn’t wait to try all my new toys out. I have been coveting this kit for a while with its pretty white floral pattern on sleek black packaging. This set has everything a girl could desire and is great for couples as well.  The kit contains a 7″ slim vibrating dildo, a Pocket Rocket, a vibrating egg and vanilla scented lubricant.  The toys are all a soft vanilla white that make them discreet and are small enough to pack away for travel.

I have always been a big fan of the Pocket Rocket (a small wand type vibrator by Doc Johnson) and have had a few over the years. I have also bought cheaper knock-offs that haven’t lasted nearly as long as the original Pocket Rocket, which is why it is the “best selling mini massager in the world”. What I love about the original Pocket Rocket is the power it has for such a small toy.  The White Nights rocket is just as powerful, yet has been newly redesigned to feature a wonderful soft velvety coating that is so sensual to the touch. The rocket comes with a little plastic cap that keeps the head clean when not in use. The head features three small beads that fit snugly around the clitoris and can be applied directly to the clitoris to offer powerful vibrations. Unlike the original rocket the White Nights one is waterproof as well, so great for the shower or bath.  There are now several new pocket rockets on the market that have improved on the original design such as the plug-in high-speed Pocket Rocket Booster, the iMissile 3 speed rocket, and the Water Dancer by Vibratex.

The vibrating egg is the other vibrator included in the kit that is designed for clitoral stimulation. I have found that most people either like the egg type vibe or the wand type (Pocket Rocket).  My preference has always been for the wand type, but I just may have been converted.  The egg features the same soft velvety coating as the rocket and feels amazing against the skin.  I have mainly tried egg vibrators that were metallic and didn’t like the material as much.  But, the velvety soft feel of the White Nights egg is incredible.  The vibe features a multi-speed controller that is connected to the egg via a wire.  The egg is great as a clitoral vibe, but can also be inserted in the vagina for internal stimulation of the vulva.  This allows your hands the freedom for other activities, or can be used for dual vagina and clitoral play with both the egg and the rocket simultaneously.  The only drawback I see for the egg is that the cord is attached to the controller and not a plug-in like the iVibe Egg, which I have found in my experience makes the cord wear out and break easier.

The slim 7″ vibrator is long and narrow and coated with the same soft velvet coating.  It has multi-speed vibrations which are controlled at the base.  The tip is smoothly rounded making it great for easy insertion into the vagina.  I tried this vibe internally while I used the rocket to stimulate my clitoris. I would have used the egg too if I had just one more hand.  This is where couple play would come in handy.  The vibrations are fairly powerful as well, as hard plastic is usually the best for transferring vibrations up the shaft. The pair worked well in combination to titillate me to pleasant new heights.

The only thing I was disappointed about in the kit was the vanilla scented lubricant.  Note, scented and not flavored.  It smelled and tasted like perfume, and being very sensitive I didn’t want to try it on my genitals as I have reactions to many scented products.  I’m not sure why they didn’t formulate it for taste rather than scent.

Overall, I would rate this kit a 4 out of 5 cherries, on the sexy pop-my-cherry orgasm meter.  I think this would be a fabulous kit for women just wanting to try sex toys for the first time, as it features three of the most popular types of sex toys including my overall favorite the rocket.  There is certainly no better texture for a sex toy than the wonderful new velvety material.  And, who knows… With another pair of hands you could use all three at once.  The three vibes take 5 AA batteries in total.

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5 Responses

  1. I love the “pop-my-cherry orgasm meter” line. Brilliant! My first sex toy, a Silver Bullet. I’ll never forget that Pinto of Vibrators. It kept going and going and going, lasting longer than I ever could have imagined. And though I loved my old Silver Bullet, there’s no way it could fully satisfy me today. This is a fun gift set that many couples get for experimenting and “stuff.”


  2. dominadoll says:

    Thanks Heather for stopping by and your comments. I’m loving all my new toys… Wheeee!

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