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STR8cam Lube – The lube that looks and feels like cum

From the website

STR8cam Lube is a hybrid lube that looks and feels like cum.  It’s water based, white and creamy, and feels unlike any other lubrication available.  With STR8cam Lube you get the best of both worlds.  Lube that lasts long like silicone and cleans up easily like water.  STR8cam Lube is condom friendly,  safe to use with all sex toys, and it won’t stain your sheets or ruin your gear. STR8cam Lube is silky smooth and long lasting. It doesn’t get sticky and it doesn’t smell or taste like chemicals. STR8cam Lube is the perfect all around personal lubricant for any occasion.’

lube that looks and feels like cum

Str8cam lube

My first thought was – who would really want lube that looks and feels like cum?  My second thought was – does it really look and feel like cum?  So when my sample bottle arrived, my next thought was – I really need to check this out.  The sample we received was packaged as the image.  Big pump bottle with a cartoon drawing of a muscle guy printed on it.  That muscle guy is STR8cam Jeff.   (In all fairness and full disclosure, Jeff did tell me they are working on updating the packaging and will probably not future the muscle guy in the future.)

So I squirted a couple of pumps into my hand and my next thought was – this looks and feels like something I would have used when I was 16.  Basically, anything I could find in the bathroom to use when jerking off.   Next. apply and rub.

To my surprise, the product was much better than I expected.  It did feel like cum, but, wasn’t drying out like I thought it would.  It maintained it lubrication factor and worked very well.   I’ve used it a couple of more times since then and it continued to surprise me.  I even tried it in the shower.  Although I do prefer a lighter lube with less ‘product’, this lubricant works very well both for masturbation and for sex with a partner.  Mrs. Swingtastic and I used during a crazy fuck session and we both pleasantly surprised.  As it is a water-based lube, it does clean up nice and easy.

After I finish up this bottle, I’ll probably be going back to STR8cam Jeff for another one.

You can follow Str8cam Jeff on Twitter at @str8cam.

We hope to feature this product on our website soon.   Sex toys for swingers

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