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Buyer’s Guide to Top Sex Furniture Reviews

Having sex the same old way every time can get a bit boring. Trying out various sex positions can definitely help you and your partner spice it up a bit while trying out new things. Add some erotic sex furniture into the mix and you are ready for an exciting romp that can take you to new levels of ecstasy.

Erotic furniture can enhance your sexual experience by helping you and your partner achieve positions you never thought were possible, thus, creating a much more comfortable sexy time while fulfilling your kinky fantasies at the same time.

Read the following article to find out what is available on the market and make the most of your budget.

Here is our buyer’s guide of some of the best top-rated sex furniture to fit every budget.


Sex Pillows (also known as ‘The Wedge’ or ‘The Love Pillow’ from various manufacturers), are excellent enhancers for couples who would like some extra support. The ‘wedge” is a triangular-shaped pillow that is specifically designed to prop up your hips, to raise your genitals higher up for easier access and to eliminate strain on the lower back.

The angular cushion allows you and your partner to hold a specific position for a longer time comfortably and is perfect for G-spot and Doggie style positions. Here are some more exciting positions you can try out with sex pillows:

Some Love Pillow designs can accommodate a vibrator or dildo attachment, turning your naughty pillow into an orgasmic hands-free masturbator for solo sex.


Erotic Chairs: Move over living room couch the erotic chair is here. A wide variety of chair designs are available, whether you want to lay down or be seated, there are chairs in every possible style and form.

With extra footing and even built-in handles, you and your partner can enjoy a comfortable seated fornication on a sturdy erotic chair. There are a wide variety of artists that can go further lengths and design a chair specifically for you and your partner’s height and body structure. Customizing your personalized chair is also an option with a variety of different colors, textures, and lighting.

Stool: Mimicking a camping stool, it’s specifically designed for oral sex. One partner is seated on the short stool while the other lays down below facing up. A comfortable Queening position for rimming and cunnilingus.

Click here for expert tips on mind-blowing oral sex for the receiver and giver.

Sex Couch: For a more horizontal approach, the erotic couch is a luxuriously relaxed piece of furniture. In the shape of a curvy bean, the love couch is great for intimate lovers who like to take things slow. Some chairs and couches are designed with added bondage straps and cushions, as well as toy mounts for vibrators and dildos. Perfect for a variety of different positions.

Bowchair: Propping things up a level is the infamous Bowchair. Handcrafted using bendy wood and carbon fiber. The chair provides a little bit of a bounce-back effect which provides users with an assisted sexual experience.


Sex swings can be attached to either door frames or sturdy horizontal bed posts. Although it’s not furniture itself, it sure is a great addition to other pieces of furniture. Designed to prop hold an individual, it creates easy access and maneuverability.

If you have some extra room available in your home, you can opt for the freestanding portable swing stand. This swing stand can be built in the middle of the room. While the swing hangs down in the middle. Perfect for a group of people or a couple who enjoys having a lot of space to move around in.


This ultimate intimate piece of furniture is the erotic bed. Instead of having a bulky bed with a thick headboard, this bed has a type of canopy design. The canopy is created by functional posts on which you can latch a variety of different accessories.

By day it seems like any normal bed, but at night it can make your wildest fantasies come to life. Add straps, swings, and mirrors to the structure for the ultimate experience.


Not for the faint of heart, BDSM play has a variety of different pieces to choose from, also known as Dungeon Furniture.

X-Frame: A big cross-like structure that doubles as a standing or laid down fixture. Made from extremely strong materials like metal or wood, it’s one of the most popular bondage furniture pieces available. Made to strap someone onto while you gently (or more harshly) whip and torture them.

Cages: Similar to a crate with a lock, this squared piece of furniture can double as a bedside or coffee table. Designed to keep humble sex slaves at bay, it can be used to live out dominatrix fantasies. Cages come in a variety of sizes and design.

Bondage Boards: A collapsible table with soft cushioning exterior and aluminum structure. The table has a variety of different access holes in it, which give users convenient contact with face, chest, and genitals. One can either be strapped to the table or fastened with ropes. Whatever tickles your fancy!


No matter what your erotic fantasies are, there are many types of sex furniture to explore and broaden your sexual horizons with.

Check out this article for a more complete guide on the types of sex furniture available, a buyer’s guide, how to care for your furniture and more.


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