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The Lily

The Lily is a delicate little vibrator from Swedish designers LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects) who create high end “pleasure objects” for discriminating connoisseurs who appreciate the subtleties of fine design. Their catchy tag line is “lust objectified”, which is a perfect catch phrase for LELO’s mission which is to “provide… high-quality alternatives to traditional sex products… [that are] not just functional, but seductive in their own right.”  LELO hopes to accomplish this “[b]y challenging the overall concept of aesthetically pleasing, orgasm-inducing, high-quality alternatives to the norm and thus inspire a more female-friendly erotic market space… through a special blend of fashion, femininity, engineering and design…”  One of my pet peeves with the sex toy industry is cheaply-made, low quality, mass-produced sex toys manufactured from questionable and potentially dangerous materials that flood the market place.  (See my article on harmful sex toy materials “Sex Toy Materials-Snake Oils in Sexy Packaging?“.)  So it is wonderful to see companies who cater to women’s pleasure with quality-made sex toys that look just as good as they feel.

Lily by Georgia O'Keefe

Lily by Georgia O’Keefe

The Lily is reminiscent of its namesake the flower, being lightweight (37 grams), small and delicate in design (fits the palm of your hand) and beautifully formed like a Calla Lily with a curving teardrop shape.  In fact, all of LELO’s pleasure objects seem to be inspired from floral forms in nature, which in turn have been historically, artistically and erotically symbolic of the female genitalia.  The Lily is manufactured from FDA approved PC-ABS plastics and features a sensual pearl finish that has a silken caress against the skin.  It is ergonomically contoured to fit the curves of a woman’s intimate body parts and comfortable, requiring very little manipulation to control.  You can pretty well allow the Lily to just sit there and snuggle in once you have the speed and position you most enjoy.  For such a small, delicate object, the Lily is incredibly powerful with five gradual speeds and five stimulation modes controlled by two handy (+) and (-) buttons that allows the user variation in their exploration of pleasure.  Yet, surprisingly, it purrs as quiet as a whisper.

The manufacturer is environmentally conscientious and tries to “minimize [their] environmental footprint” by making all their pleasure objects rechargeable, thus reducing the amount of batteries going into landfills.  The Lily takes two hours to charge and lasts up to seven hours.  It also features a “lock” function which makes it great for throwing in your purse (in its little satin pouch) or for discrete travel, as you don’t have to worry about it accidentally turning on.  If that was not enough, the Lily comes with a one-year LELO warranty.

I enjoy clitoral stimulation above other types of penetration the most and am constantly looking for new clitoral vibes that improve on what I already have.  The Lily has far surpassed all my expectations and blows all my old toys away.  They are not even in the same league as the Lily.  The vibration is powerful, yet subtle, and has the most sensual quality about it because of the silky texture, making it more like a lover than a toy.  “Pleasure object” is an apt description as the Lily is more about sensual exploration and a slow building to climax, rather than a goal-orientated rush at the races.  It allowed me to bring myself to the edge several times before taking that final deep plunge into body tingling ecstasy.

LELO also has many other beautifully designed pleasure objects including Nea, “the modest sister of LILY… with a porcelain-like finish” and Yva, the “elegant pleasure object d’art, handcrafted in stainless steel or 18 K gold-plate.”  LELO also has pleasure objects designed for G-spot stimulation including the Iris, Gigi and Liv.

The Lily comes in three colors: Black, Plum and Antique Pink.  It comes with an elegant gift box, plug-in charger, instruction manual, and satin pouch for stylish storage.  The Lily is a sophisticated, sexy little pleasure object that makes a great gift for yourself or a lover.  Giving this toy as a gift will definitely make a statement that one is not soon to forget.

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