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Smart Balls by Fun Factory

Smart Balls by Fun Factory are made from “Elastomed” skin-friendly coated material on the outside with small weighted balls inside that move and vibrate with the motions of your body. They come in many juicy colors; I received Pistachio, which looks so lovely I want to eat them up. I have never had a product that I didn’t like from Fun Factory as they manufacture high quality sex toys from the best body-friendly materials. I have used other types of balls before including Ben-wa Balls. These balls all have the same basic function, which is to enhance kegel exercises and promote PC muscle health in women. Some people find that they have also a stimulating effect, but I have never found them arousing, only interesting in the way they vibrate.

Smart balls are much larger than ordinary Ben-wa balls or beautiful Luna Beads by Lelo, and for that reason may be a bit challenging for women with small vaginas. Using lots of lube and slow insertion should solve that problem. The balls are attached together by a sinewy elastomer string and are meant to be inserted one after the other. I had no problem getting the first ball inserted, but the second one was a bit harder, as the top ball didn’t seem to want to push further inside and my fingers were slippery. I did finally get both balls inside however. They filled me pretty completely and like I said before felt interesting as I moved around. The texture was not bad. I did notice them inside me, but they were not uncomfortable. I did a bit of belly-dancing and the balls did vibrate much more with hip gyrations, but again the sensation was a subtle fluttering.

For doing kegel exercises I found them to be amazing. Smarts Balls are like barbells for your vagina which increases resistance and gives you something to squeeze around. Kegels exercises are recommended for women to enhance their PC muscle and overall vagina health (see my article on PC Health and Kegels). You can actually wear these balls out in public and do your kegels through-out the day if so inclined. Although, for me my PC muscles are fairly well toned and just simple movements would involuntarily push them out, which reminds me of a stripper I saw once at a bar who could do amazing things with ping-pong balls.

The balls are removed fairly easily via a retrieval string and the sensation is much nicer than going in, reminding me somewhat of anal beads.

I wouldn’t recommend these as an orgasm toy, but by doing regular kegels with these you will improve the intensity and control of your orgasms.

You can purchase Smart Balls from my Sex Toy Shop.

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