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Pocket Rocket Plus Vibrator Review

New Pocket Rocket Plus Vibrator Review.  See why this vibrator is even better than the original Pocket Rocket.

The original Pocket Rocket (read my Pocket Rocket comparison reviews) was one of the 1st vibrators I ever owned.  It was a great advancement over my first vibe, an ugly beige classic, and for the longest time was my go-to vibe.  But, things change.  You grow older, your tastes evolve and what once used to send me to the moon, just doesn’t cut it anymore.  So, I bought the Pocket Rocket Plus which is a great advancement over the original Rocket.

Created from hard plastic like the original, yet in transparent colors, the Pocket Rocket Plus is durable, non-porous and easy to clean with mild soap and water. It has a non-phallic, simple design that is shaped like a small travel size flashlight that takes two AA battery and has three speeds (the original only had one). Despite being small, however, it packs a powerful buzz that works wonders on the clitoris.  Setting one is about the same as the original, speed two will get you faster, and speed three with rocket you to the stars.  The vibe’s head has a removable cap that features three metallic beads that are designed to stimulate the clitoris from all sides. It works great to tickles the sides or top of the clitoris, or by applying direct contact.

This vibe is my old reliable stand-by and is never far away.  In fact I keep it in my desk drawer for when I’m working late at night 😉  I love this vibe and have not found anything more powerful when it comes to battery operated intensity.  It is not quiet.  It is not pretty.  It is not a luxury toy.  But, man it works! My favorite clit Vibe!

Buy the Pocket Rocket Plus from my Sex Toy Shop.

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