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Spanksticks- Latex Spanking Canes from Denmark

One of the things I love best about doing product reviews is finding small “Ma and Pa” manufacturers who come up with a really innovative product, and finding products from different countries.

Spanksticks are high end latex canes made by Thomas Dinsen in Demark and are sold from his website These are not your average run of the mill BDSM toys.  These are deluxe spanking canes that are superior in quality, and are designed for spanking enthusiasts as well as sadists and masochists (ie: pain sluts).  What I mean by that is that these canes can give you quite a wallop and really HURT!  I would not recommend them to beginner BDSM players, but to experienced practitioners only.  Also they range from 24-40 EUROs, which make them a coveted item for any serious cane enthusiast.

I received eight Spanksticks from Thomas, all in various sizes and lengths, with three different cores.  All the cores are coated in smooth, black latex and smell like balloons.  They kind of made me nostalgic about birthdays (ie: balloons) and I thought they would be the perfect “gift” for a bottom’s birthday, to deliver those birthday spanks in style!

The Three Different Cores

I didn’t think the different cores would matter much, but there is a big difference in flexibility of the canes, and whack-a-bility.

Plastic Core- The Plastic Core Spanksticks are the most bendable and deliver a stingy smack.  However, these are the most prone to breakage as well.

Fiberglass Core- The Fiberglass Core Spanksticks are slightly bendy and deliver a smack that is stingy, yet wields more impact.

Carbon Fiber Core- The Carbon Fiber Core Spanksticks are very stiff and deliver more of a thuddy sting, and definitely the strongest impact.

I liked the Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber cores the best.  The Plastic Core was fine until I broke one.  Mind you this was not the manufacturer’s fault, but my own as I tried to bend it too far to see how flexible it was and bent it past its breaking point.  Ooops!

The longest Spankstick I got was 75cm, a bit longer than the average cane, and the shortest was 35cm, quite short and great for spanking small areas like the breasts or inner thighs.  The thickest Spankstick was 10mm and I really liked this one a lot as it was very thuddy.  The thinnest Spankstick was 2mm and was the stingiest of the Carbon Fiber cores.

What I liked best about Spanksticks, in comparison with regular birches or wooden canes was the latex coating which makes Spanksticks last much longer.  With regular canes you often have to continually sand them for splinters in between use even if you coat them.  Also, because the material is non-porous (latex), you can clean them with a disinfectant solution, so they can be used on several play partners.  And, finally, the feel of them is very unique, halfway in between a regular fiberglass cane and a very stingy rubber crop, with a serious “Ouch” factor when wielded by a sadist. (Teehee!)  They are also very sexy with their slick black latex coating, and the handles are ridged for a very comfortable grip.

Spanksticks are an awesome, versatile and innovative product that is a must have for BDSM spanking enthusiasts.  If you don’t have one of these in your toy box yet, visit pronto.

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  1. Just to tell you all it must have bin the fiberglass or carbon core she broke becuse the plastic cores are unbreakelble and thats a fact
    Kind regards
    The Manufacturer

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