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Kink Academy

I don’t often do website reviews, as there are many other sites that do that far better than I.  However, Kink Academy is not a porn site, it is actually a site that “provides creative, playful, and varied sexuality instruction for curious adults and consenting (and adventurous) individuals who are looking to take their sexual knowledge further, to explore their own fantasies, and to learn from experts who are passionate about helping you to improve your sex life!”(from website)  I think sex ed is very important and kink is a topic I am always interested in, so for those two reasons I was excited to review the site.  And, I wasn’t disappointed!

First there is the Curriculum which consists of a series of how-to videos on various topics from bondage, to breath play, pain play, the violet want, pony play, servitude, objectification, caning and just about any topic you could think of.  The videos are organized and searchable by topic and various skill level Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  The videos are taught by various “faculty” members including Cecilia Tan, Eve Minax, and Princess Kali to name only a few.  You can also browse the videos by instructor as well, which is very cool.  You can also choose from the drop down menu different category videos to explore such as New to Submission, Bondage Lover, and Pleasurable Pain and more, so you could watch a series of videos for that topic.

I watched a few of the videos including three Medical Play tutorials with Eve Minax.  Eve Minax is very funny with dry humor and sexy as hell, as she takes you through her normal consultation and her application that patients must fill out including patient history and symptoms, to determine what type of examination she must give each individual. After watching the first video I had to see her examination.  In the Examination: Part 1- Eve Minax goes through the process of giving an exam to a male patient, checking the heart-rate, nipple sensitivity and groin inspection.  She acts quite authentic using proper vocabulary and medical devices. In the Examination: Part 2- Eve does an anal exam, teasing them first. She is a very professional Doctor and really does set the proper head-space for this type of scene.

Then it was on Brian (aka Pyro Sadist) and his play doll to watch three demos of fireplay: Fire Play Techniques Part 1 and 2 and Fire Play Safety. This is an awesome intro into various techniques, tools and tips that is a must see for any fire play enthusiast. In Part 2 he teaches advanced techniques such as fireplay for breasts, nipples and genitals.  He is very confident and skilled at his topic, as well as teaching with wry humor.

Next I wanted to learn a bit about breath-play with Mistress Katya so watched her intro video which discusses various types (restrictive breathing, re-breathing, strangulation, queening, asphyxiation and suffocation), safety procedures and health concerns. The emphasis is on safety with this topic, as well can be imagined, and Mistress Katya encourages viewers to go to a live class/ demo of the topic in their area before trying this type of play.  Good Advice.  She is also a well-spoken and lovely educator.

Finally, I ended with watching Princess Kali’s Lazy Top’s Guide to a Creative Scene – Part 1 which sounded right up my alley.  Princess Kali is the Headmistress of the Kink Academy, so I wanted to be sure to check out her extensive video library.  She goes into Lazy Top philosophy by putting the pressure on the bottom to perform by making them masturbate to a timer, something that sounds very fun.  She also talks about Role Playing which can spark some new ideas and create new dynamics. I also watched her Roleplaying video where she goes over traditional roles, movie roles, and switching it up with unlike roles such as Doctor and Superhero. She shows her Scene Starter Kit that has 52 characters you can choose to play and 30 situation cards to use for inspiration.  Sounds like some great tips, kind of silly, kinda fun, kinda playful.  Princess Kali’s demos are witty and enthusiastic.

I watched a lot of the advanced edge play videos, but there is a lot to learn for newbies as well including intros to Massage & Sensual Touch, Kissing, Domination & Submission, Flogging, Erotic Interrogation Techniques, Spanking, Rope Bondage, Relationship Communication, Candle Wax Play, Anal Sex, and so much more.  Really, it would take you a while to get through the entire library of videos and they update the site four times a week, so always lots new to see and learn.

They have a forum where you can ask questions or post advice.  Each month they offer a free video that everyone can enjoy, so you should go over and check them out.  They have developed a few of their own products including A Sexual Exploring Journal, a Scene Starters Cards Kit, the Zapper (an electro-sex toy), and various sex furniture such as stocks, a punishment stool and other fun products.

The Kink Academy is an excellent service for people who can’t get to regular workshops on BDSM or sexuality topics in their area, or for those that can’t afford the price of a workshop.  For $9.95 a month you can enjoy and learn from many expert kinksters on a wide range of topics and over 100 educational videos.

I highly recommend the Kink Academy to anyone who is interested in honing their kinky skills and learning more on various topics.  The ideas are endless, the educators well versed and skilled in their subjects, and the videos themselves excellent tutorials that can get anyone learning, playing and inspired.

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