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Jimmyjanes Wink and Ember

Sensual play is one of my favorite forms of sex play.  It often entails removing one sense (such as wearing a blindfold), while heightening others, through touch and sometimes the sense of smell.

Jimmyjane has the perfect combination of products, that when used together will heighten the senses, create an element of intrigue, and an atmosphere of romance and desire.

Wink Silk and Suede Blindfold

The Wink Silk and Suede Blindfold is made out of three yards of hand-dyed silk with a suede mask embroidered with symbols “Z” for sleep and a Heart for play.  Both the silk and suede are very thin and luxurious feeling against the skin, and the extra length of the silk can be used to caress the body in a sexy form of sensual play.  The mask also effectively blocks the sight when worn snuggly, unless you are peeking, but then that takes away all of the fun.

Ember Natural Massage Candles

Jimmyjane makes the most lush massage candles on the market with the most exotic aphrodisiac scents.  Each Ember candle comes in a 3” x 3” x 5” reusable bone porcelain candle holder with 12oz of soy wax…  That’s hours and hours (72 hours!) of erotic sensual massages for you and your lover to explore every sensitive inch of each other’s body.  The wax contains Jojoba, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Soy, Aloe and other botanicals which makes it not only a luxurious massage candle, but a sensual moisturizer to scent your skin with as well.

The soy wax melts at a very low temperature and is ready in about twenty minutes (or the time it takes you to have a nice hot bath).  Then, simply drizzle the warm oil onto your lover’s skin for a lush massage.  Combine the Ember Candle with the Wink Blindfold for a sensual sense of intrigue and play.

The Ember Candles come in four exotic scents, all of which are sensual and unique:

GINGER + DATE—The crispness of fresh Ginger is warmed by the burnt sugar hint of sun-drenched Date. This pair of aphrodisiac scents entices with its rich notes and warm embrace.

VETIVER + HONEY—The woody balsam notes of aged Vetiver are softened by thick amber Honey, creating a welcome hush. This pair of aphrodisiac scents gathers secrets within its deep shadows.

HONEYSUCKLE + CLOVER—A drop of Honeysuckle nectar falls into the young Clover thriving below. This pair of aphrodisiac scents gets lucky under a warm blue sky.

TRUFFLE + GARDENIA—The dirty decadence of Black Truffle grounds the airy notes of White Gardenia. This pair of aphrodisiac scents swings between the earthly and the ethereal.

LYCHEE + LAPSANG—Tangy Lychee fruit mingles with the smoldering indulgence of Lapsang Souchong tea. This pair of aphrodisiac scents suggests intrigue, where the familiar meets the exotic.

You can also purchase all six scents together in Jimmyjane’s Little Ember Sampler Kit, or buy the original Ember Candles at $20 off each, now from Jimmyjane.  The Wink Silk and Suede Blindfold is available separately.

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