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Aloe Cadabra Lubricant

I recently wrote about the harmful chemicals in lubes and body burden as well as putting together the Best Natural Lubes Guide.  Well Aloe Cadabra (Natural) should be (and will be) on that list.  It is a truly superior personal lubricant made from 95% organic Aloe and other natural ingredients.  It claims to be “a magical liquid gel for intimate pleasures” and while not magical, it maybe just be the best lube I have ever tried.

Aloe Vera, as you know is a small succulent plant that has been used for its healing properties since like, forever, and records of its existence has been found on ancient Sumerian clay tablets from 2200 BC.  It was used both cosmetically and medically in ancient civilizations including Greece, Rome, Egypt and Arabia.  Both Cleopatra and Nefertiti were said to have used Aloe on their skin to enhance their beauty.

Aloe Vera contains “mannans, lectins and anthraquinones, all of which are thought to support healing and promote wellbeing.  Topical application of the gel is thought to reduce inflammation and skin irritation, by soothing the epidermis… [and] has antiseptic properties which can assist in reducing infection for minor skin complaints.”—The Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Cadabra’s main ingredient is Aloe Vera, so it is incredibly soothing on the skin.  This lubricant feels very natural, just like a woman’s own body fluids and is silky smooth.  Aloe Cadabra’s formula is pH balanced to the vagina’s pH so will not disrupt the vagina’s natural environment.  It didn’t get sticky at all when I used it and lasted quite long time.  In fact, I’m still pretty juicy after trying it out as I sit here and write my review!  All the ingredients are food grade, so it is not harmful if ingested.  This means it is just as good for oral sex as it is for penetrative sex and masturbation.  It has no discernable flavor and a slightly clean pleasant odor.

Aloe Cadabra contains no parabens, sugars, chemicals or glycerins.  What it does contain is all natural body-safe ingredients including 95 percent certified organic aloe vera, citric acid, xanthan gum (a polysaccharide used as a food additive), vanilla essential oils, potassium sorbate (a food preservative) and sodium benzoate (a preservative, which limits the growth of bacteria and fungi).  All the ingredients rated extremely low (1-2 out of 10) in the Cosmetic Database.

I’d have to say that Aloe Cadabra is pretty much a perfect lube!  I really don’t think you could get a better personal lube than this.  It is, in fact, my new favorite lube, which if you’ve read my Best Natural Lube Guide, is pretty hard to complete with.

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