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My Couples Web Cam Sex Experiment


I recently created my sexy bucket list a while back and on it was:

56: Get cam sex from a web cam performer.

So, when I came across a webcam ad on another site I was on, I thought it was a great time to check it out.

My partner and I went to  From there you can pick certain genres, Ethnicity or body types such as Big Tits, Shy Girls, Latina, Hairy, Fetish or what-ever-floats-your-boat.  We chose MILFs (345 online now), and tried a few free chats until we found a girl we both liked.

Next, you can go to Private Chat, of they have this thing called Happy Hour which is 88cents a minute.  It is a “super-fun, time limited live chat in which Models perform activities around the house for several Guests at the same time who take turns directing the activities. As you enjoy the show, get in line for your turn to direct by choosing an activity that you want to see the Model perform during your 3-minute turn as director.”

For Private Chat you need to pay the model with credits that you purchase upon sign up, and you can use credits to tip models as well.  Models can charge between 0.98 and 5.99 credits per minute for a private chat session.

You may purchase any of the following credit packages during the signup process:

  • 25 credits for $25
  • 50 credits for $50
  • 75 credits for $75
  • 100 credits for $100

We picked a girl, we’ll call her Anastasia-Something and asked her to undress for us.  She did a slow strip tease for us and danced, which was kind of hot.  Then we asked her if she had any toys to play with and watched as she got herself off with a Hitachi Magic Wand.  Two minutes later she was having multiple orgasms and we decided it was time for us to play.

Needless to say, we gave her a tip and finished the chat, then went off and did our dirty deeds.

Our cam girl experience was very interesting. The quality of the video was very good, although the audio was a bit tinny sounding. I can see how this would work for lots of people.  For couples, you would need to be very secure in your relationship, as jealousy could be an issue.  Also, my partner said, he wouldn’t bother with getting a cam girl himself, as he can just ask me to do whatever he wants… Which makes sense.  But, then there are lots of people who are single, or for some reason who can’t get their fantasies fulfilled, so this would be a choice for them.  For couples who may want to experiment with 3-somes, this is a good way to try it without actually crossing that physical barrier.

Anyway, My Sexy Bucket list has only 99 more adventures to try, so stay tuned!


Happy Orgasms!


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