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How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Distance Relationship

If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, then you know they can be difficult to maintain. That doesn’t mean that they’re completely unsustainable, they just need to be sustained by a lot of communication, traveling, and getting creative when you need to.

While much of this creativity can be related to romance, long-distance relationships also require creativity in the bedroom. Because you won’t be able to physically be with your sweetheart, you’ll need to make them feel loved, wanted, and satisfied through other means that aren’t just physical touching.

Believe it or not, you can still make love from afar, and it can be just as hot and just as romantic even if you aren’t in the same room. If you want your long-distance relationship to work (and hopefully the distance part has an end date!), then you need to take a different approach to it than you would in a relationship in which you see your partner frequently.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to keep your long-distance relationship sexy, happy, and stimulated, then you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Make your honey feel wanted (even through the phone)

This rings true in all relationships. If your partner doesn’t feel like you’re attracted to them, even enamored by them, then they might start to feel insecure and full of doubt. While you shouldn’t be the one to constantly have to boost their ego or make them feel confident in their own skin, it is healthy to compliment your partner and bestow them with affection.

Some people might not want a lot of PDA in their relationships, some people do. Depending on you and your partner’s love languages, try to make sure that they know how much you care about them. In a long-distance relationship, this can be a little trickier to accomplish.

Try and make your partner feel wanted with little affirmations. Send a love note through the mail, let them into the big moments in your life that they are missing because they can’t physically be there. Send them pictures of places that you’ve been on certain days, perhaps a photo of a professional or personal milestone. Make sure that they are still a part of your day-to-day life, even if they can’t be there for you in the flesh.

  1. Make a game plan.

Some couples have a clear end date for their time apart. Some couples might not have one if one is in the army, at a job they couldn’t leave, or if the couple is from two different countries. While sometimes this distance can be short-term, you also have to prepare for the possibility that it won’t be.

Do your best to have a plan for the long-term. How can you make your relationship work from two different time zones or two different countries? How will you plan to see each other? Which of you has the more flexible schedule, which of you could potentially move? These are questions you both should be open about.

And if you find yourself needing more advice about your long-distance relationship, then try as many outlets as possible.

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