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Different Tools for Male Pleasure

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

There are multiple options for men to have fun with either themselves or with their partners. Here is a couple of tools you can bring into the bedroom to spice up your sex life.

Pleasure comes in multiple ways. With the right chemistry, you and your partner can have amazing, intimate experiences together. But sometimes it can also be exciting to add some extra elements into your sex life.

Sex toys have long been popular for women in all shapes and forms. In the 1990s women all over the world got introduced to different kinds of sex toys in the tv-show Sex and the City. The different characters showed openly their different sex toys which helped normalize sex toys as a part of women’s sex life.

But sex toys for men have not experienced the same success, and the market for sex toys for women is still many times larger than the market for male pleasure. This is a shame for guys all over the world, who are missing out on the opportunity for trying new experiences and the opportunity for exploring your sexuality in multiple new ways.

Penis Toys for Men

Producers of sex toys offer multiple options for male pleasure, that can be used both solo or for couples. Some of the more well-known devices are fleshlights that simulate female genitals to be used at the man’s penis. But fleshlights come in different shapes and forms the can look like other body parts than the genitals.

Most men might have heard about a similar device: the penis pump. This is a tool made for improving the male stamina or having trouble with the erection. It works by increasing the blood flow to the penis to improve erection. Another tool for helping men with erection is the cock rings, which keep men having an erection for a longer time. Some are even vibrating to stimulation the partner’s clitoris. If you a looking for tools for male pleasure you can read penis toys reviews if you follow the link.

Other Body Parts

Despite products made for penis stimulation, multiple toys are also made for anal play. Some guys might be uncomfortable with anal stimulation, but with the right tools you can have great stimulation with anal toys – either solo or with your partner. Since the butt doesn’t produce any natural lubricants, it’s important to use lots of lubes. Lots of lube! Lubes can also be incredibly pleasureful for other kinds of sexual plays.

Men can have great pleasure from stimulating the prostate, and therefore you’ll find multiple toys that are designed for stimulating the so-called P-spot. Different toys will have different effects on different men, but it is an interesting world of new forms of sexual pleasure, to introduce a new body part to your sex life. Beginners might want to start with a simple stimulator, but as they start to enjoy this pleasure, you might turn your interest towards a more advanced, vibrating toy.

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