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Fetish Fantasy Straight Jacket

A few days ago I put together a compilation of bondage toys, the different types and uses in Bondage 101—Part 2 Bondage Toys.  One “toy” I left off the list was straightjacket.  Not that I didn’t think of it, but I didn’t think that was something that most people would think about needing as first time bondage enthusiasts.  That’s because, straightjackets, for the most part are very expensive, starting at $200 and up.

However, Pipedreams has come out with a new straightjacket that is much more affordable.  It is the Fetish Fantasy Series Unisex Straight Jacket which is considered “costume grade” rather than “institutional or hospital grade”.  But, I dare you to get out of it.  For all intents and purposes, Pipedreams Straight Jacket will keep you or your partner bound sufficiently well, and unless they are Houdini, they won’t be able to escape it, if it is tightened snugly.

So what is the difference in Pipedreams Straight Jacket and a Hospital Grade one?  First is price.  The Pipedreams Straight Jacket is ½  to 2/3’s  cheaper that a hospital straight jacket.  Second is material.  The Pipedreams jacket is made of a light-weight, washable, “rubberized” material with nylon straps.  I thought it would stink like rubber, but it doesn’t at all.  It also looks like it would be itchy, but I wore it nude and didn’t find it chafed or itched.  Hospital straight jackets are made of cotton/canvas, are a much heavier fabric, and the straps are often made of leather.  So, the hospital straight jackets are higher quality and more authentic, but other than that, both jackets keep you snug as a bug.  And, if you are just purchasing a jacket for play, you probably don’t need the authentic jacket at twice the price. The Pipedreams Straight Jacket looks just as sexy when worn as well.

This Straight Jacket is unisex and can be worn on a man up to 42R.  The straps are very adjustable, so the jacket fit me snuggly (I’m 5’ 2”) as well as my partner who is nearly 6’.  It features four straps and buckle enclosures at the back: 1 neck, 2 mid-back and 1 waist, as well as two thigh straps so you can’t wiggle out that way either.  When secured tightly, you won’t escape.  I tried and couldn’t get out.

The Fetish Fantasy Series Unisex Straight Jacket would be great for various types of bondage play, including medical and institutional scenes, as well as prisoner and interrogation scenes.  It really helps to “put” you in the headspace of the scene.  One note of caution.  Please don’t leave someone who is bound alone.  Not only is it not funny as people can panic and freak out, but it is also potentially dangerous.  So, play safe and have fun!

You can purchase this Fetish Fantasy Series Unisex Straight Jacket at in their Bondage and Fetish section.

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2 Responses

  1. Vince says:

    I heartily disagree with your review of this product. I am only 5’8″ and 150 pounds and the product barely fit me, the chest is much too small for anyone with even slightly broad shoulders. Also, while you can’t escape by lifting or wiggling, the slightest amount of struggling results in tearing at the seams of the shoulders along the back.
    The design is fine, but the polyester is a terrible material choice for this purpose.
    Overall, not worth the money to buy it.

  2. DominaDoll says:

    Thanks Vince for your opinion. Obviously you weren’t tightened in there well, ’cause I put my bf in it and he couldn’t escape, or rip the seems. He’s 5′ 11” and 180 and can do backward flips on gymnast rings, so I’m sure he could break free if the material was as flimsy as you say. Maybe you bought the small one?

    However, I do agree that the material is not great, and is very scratchy, which I didn’t like.

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