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PassionateU is a fairly new sexuality education site by the creators of Kink Academy (Fearless Press) that provides sex ed and instructional videos for adults who are looking to explore the various aspects of their sexuality.  While Kink Academy’s focus is on BDSM, PassinonateU covers a broader spectrum of sexuality topics for everyone (kinky or not).  It is a sex positive, pansexual, and progressive sexuality website where adults can watch tutorials on a wide range of subjects from anal play and P spot, to G spot and fisting, sensual touch and massage, oral sex topics and how-to’s, masturbation, communication, anatomy, sex toys, fantasy, sexual health and so much more.  It is like having a library of adult sexuality how-to guides right at your fingertips.

The videos are taught by sexuality advocates and a few adult performers, who are passionate about teaching others about sex-positive SEX.  Listed among the Faculty you’ll find well known
“sexperts” like Anita Wagner, Courtney Trouble, Dr. Ruthie, Dylan Ryan, Madison Young, Reid Mihalko, Sarah Sloane, Shanna Katz, and many others.

While they have plenty of free videos to get your started (currently 30), they also offer a paid membership which allows you access to everything on the site.  Not only does this include 100s of videos, but also a profile page, the ability to add your own comments and you can save your favorite videos into specific groups that you create, to go back to and enjoy later.

Membership fees are very reasonable from $14.95 for 30 days (recurring) to $100.00 for one year.  And, believe me, this site has a lot of content to learn about and explore, that would take you a year to go through and they seem to update on a weekly basis.  With this much content you would think it may be hard to get around and find what you are looking for, but they have a great search function that allows you to search by key word, skill level, toy type, category or faculty member.  So, if you really love Lillith Grey’s videos, you can check out all the ones she has made for the site.  Or if you are exploring anal sex for the first time you can find all the videos on anal sex, beginning with novice to advanced player.

PassionateU is the definitive sexuality educational site on the internet.  And, because the medium is video it is so much easier to learn from, much more engaging, visceral and fun.  I also love their philosophy: “if there’s something about sexuality that you want to learn, you have a right to… no matter where you live or who you are. As long as you’re over 18 and have an open mind, you’ll be accepted here at… PassionateU!!”

North American’s NEED to have better access to intelligent, sex-positive topics and education and PassionateU is a great place to start, or continue to explore other areas of sexuality.

Take a look at their site and while you are there check out Madison Young’s Oral Sex Videos, Reid Mihalko’s videos, as well as Dylan Ryan and Aiden Fyre’s G-spot and Squirting videos, all of which are educational, excellent and entertaining.


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