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Booty Camp Camisole Set

booty camp cami set

I must be really dumb when it comes to ordering lingerie online.  I ordered this cute little Booty Camp Cami Set from Adam and Eve and couldn’t wait to get it.  I thought I could wear the camouflage top with a black bra for going out and I’m sure I could have (and would have looked uber sexy) had I ordered the correct size.  What did I do?  I ordered Queen size.  I thought Queen Size was about a large (not bothering to read the actual sizes, duh!) but a Queen is actually sizes 16-20.  So, please don’t be a dumb-ass like me.  Be sure to read the size charts, or at least know what size you wear before ordering lingerie online.

Since it didn’t fit, I can’t actually tell you what it would have looked like if I had of been able to fill it out.  But there’s a pic of the model who looks pretty hot in it (above).  I can tell you that the material is like a stretch mesh (mostly see-through), green/black cami-print and very soft against the skin.  It has black ribbing around the seems (neck and arm holes) and a wavy sewn bottom that makes it a bit feminine which I like.  It also features gathering at the cleavage.  It comes with a matching thong of the same material.

It is totally adorable and I so had plans wearing this while playing army games or with my jeans, army boots and a black bra.  I’m so mad at myself for ordering the wrong size.  It also comes in One Size (the size I should have ordered) which is 2-14.  At any rate, a super cute little outfit especially if you like the camouflage look.

Adam and Eve isn’t only a sex toy store and they have lots of different styles of lingerie to choose from as well.

adam and eve

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