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Fairy Pocket Mini USB

Back in October, I reviewed the Fairy Mini Wand Collection, in which I said: “Trust me, this is the best vibe I have ever owned and I have over 200 sex toys, so that is saying a lot.“  I still stand by that review and the Fairy Mini Wand, as it is still my number one vibe that I use for the bedroom.

However, because the Fairy Mini Wand is run via a plug-in AC adapter power pack and plugs into your outlet (like the Hitachi), it is not great for when you are say working at your desk or computer (read: browsing porn), or if you wanted to take it anywhere away from an outlet like when traveling.

Introducing the Fairy Pocket Mini USB.  The Fairy Pocket Mini USB, instead of using an outlet, recharges via the USB port in your computer or laptop.  Simply plug-in for 90 minutes and it will give you 70 minutes of use.

Compared to the Fairy Mini Wand (7” in length and 3 ounces), the Fairy Pocket Mini USB is 5 ¾“and 2.4 ounces, so considerably smaller.  As the name suggests, it can fit into your pocket, like a Pocket Rocket.  And, while it is very small, it still delivers 11,000 rpm from its high quality, dual-speed Japanese motor, which is only slightly less than the original Mini Wand, and much more power than any Pocket Rocket or mini vibe I have ever owned.

Up until now, I have had a Pocket Rocket in the top drawer of my desk, for when I need a quick fix.  It has now been replaced by the Fairy Pocket Mini USB, which is seriously the BOMB when it comes to power in a mini vibe.

Features I Like:

  • Zoom Zoom Power- 11,000 rpm (slightly less than the original Mini Wand)
  • Soft rounded massage head that is very comfortable
  • Head is attached with a flex-o piece to the body so it moves with you
  • Super small, quiet and discrete, making it perfect for travel
  • Easy to charge via your USB computer plug-in (USB cord included)
  • High Quality Japanese Motor with maximum orgasm potential!
  • Also comes with a little strap for easy carrying.

Like the Fairy Mini Wand Collection, you can only purchase the Fairy Pocket Mini USB from  If you want one, I suggest acting fast, because when their Fairy Mini Wand Collection was launched on their site it sold out in a few days.  Seriously, if you want the best vibrator EVER (Yes, better than the Hitachi!) go get the Fairy Mini Wand and the Fairy Pocket Mini USB now, before they are all gone.

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4 Responses

  1. MissMar says:

    The one thing I would be worried about is whether the USB will be able to handle anything wet on it in case liquid goes down the base of the vibrator. Would it malfunction and be waterproof?
    .-= MissMar´s last blog ..Busy- Not So Busy- Alright- Somewhat Busy =-.

    • Domina Doll says:

      Hi MissMar. The vibe is for clitoral stimulation, so it would not likely get wet from use (ie: squirting). To clean you could use wipes, or antibacterial toy cleaner spray, and even wash with a cloth with mild soap and water. However, it is not waterproof, but most vibes are not. Its not something I worry about much, unless I intend to use it for the bath, which I wouldn’t be doing at my desk 🙂

  2. Reaction says:

    We just ordered the Fairy Pocket Mini USB, and I was wondering if any of the various Fairy Mini or Fairy Mini Mini attachments were compatible. As many products from the east, we have next to no idea what can be used with what.

    • Domina Doll says:

      The Fairy Mini Wand is bigger than the Fairy Pocket (head size as well), so no, the attachments for the Fairy Mini Wand would not fit it. It is much more a clitoral stimulator as well, but if they did make ones that fit it, I’m sure they would work…

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