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ClassicErotica – Sensual Products

Product Reviews from Classic Erotica!

Coochy Travel Shave Kit

coochy shave kit

The Coochy Travel Shave Kit is a great little travel size kit with 3 shave crèmes (Green Tea, Pear Berry and Original) and 1 After Shave Protection Mist. Luckily, I was in-between waxing and had a chance to try them out. Scent-wise, I love the smell of the Green Tea the best as it is nice and fresh and clean. The shaving crèmes have the consistency of hair conditioner and in fact your can use them for that as well. They work well for their intended purpose, and make shaving your legs, underarms, or “coochy” a breeze. The After Shave Protection Mist helps to protect against chafing by creating a protective barrier, but I didn’t notice much of a difference. Great little travel kit for the summer!

Before and After Adult Toy Cleaner

toy cleanerThe Before and After Adult Toy Cleaner is an antibacterial, soap-free formula designed for cleaning your sex toys. It has a nice light fragrance, which is fine, although no necessary. I actually prefer fragrance-free products and don’t see the need of putting one in a toy cleaner. But, then, I’m not the norm. It works well as a toy cleaner though: Spray On, Wipe Off and Away You Go! I do prefer spray-on toy cleaners like this one over foaming cleaners that are used with water. And, with a toy collection like mine, you can never have enough toy cleaner. An absolute must for keeping you toys in excellent condition.

Crazy Girl Naughty Nympho Sex Arousal Crème

naughty nympho cremeThe Naughty Nympho Sex Arousal Crème is a little different than other arousal gels I have used in the past. The active ingredients (or libido enhancers) are menthol and ginger root. I’ve used plenty of gels with menthol, which I tend not to like very much, but not any with ginger root, so I was curious about it for sure. The scent is like peppermint gum, so I thought this would have a cooling sensation right away. I was wrong. It heated up almost immediately which was a pleasant sensation and unlike the feeling I have when I am experiencing a reaction to a product. And, although it warmed nicely, it didn’t really make me a nympho like I was hoping or more sensitive during masturbation. Of course I’m a masturbation junkie and perhaps a bit jaded by the whole experience. It is a unique feeling though, and I think this would be fun to use together with a lover to enhance intercourse.

Classic Erotica has some sexy sensation products. Check out these and others on their website!

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