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The R-1 U.F.O Series of Vibrating Sex Toys

Japanese company, Rends Co.,Ltd., has come up with an utterly new evolution of vibrating sex toys unlike any others on the market.  And, in the world of sex toys, that is hard to do.  It is called the R-1 U.F.O Series of Vibrating Sex Toys (U.F.O. stands for Unidentified Fascinating Object BTW).

The concept is simple, yet quite clever.  Build one power supply controller that works with a whole line of vibrating sex toys.  Which is exactly what they did.  So, rather than have a separate controller for each of your toys, you can have just one to run all your vibrators and their various functions.  Pretty amazing.

Why have a controller anyway, you might ask.  Well, most vibrators don’t have a lot of power, unless they are plug-in, or have an auxiliary controller to power them.  And, believe me these vibes are POWERFUL.  It also makes the vibes more versatile, while offering more features and pulsation (vibrating) patterns.

R-1 Starter Set

The R-1 Starter Set includes the R-1 Controller and the Bach Rotor (a bullet vibrator).

The R-1 Controller

The R-1 Controller has a Japanese made motor, which in the world of sex toys means that it is very powerful and of high quality.  The controller allows you to choose from 50 different vibrating patterns using the operating panel, with 7 different levels of power and 7 different patterns of vibrations, plus a turbo button for maximum power (just when you need it!).  The controller uses 3 AA batteries which are included, and that’s all you need to power 6 difference toys, and you can even power two at once using the power cord splitter.  The R-1 Controller is 11.4 cm in length and 5.6cm width, with 1.65cm thinness, about the size of an iPhone.

The R-1 Controller also has special features including an auto power off function if you forget to turn your vibe off, so it saves battery life and you don’t have to remove the battery like you do with other controller operated sex toys.  The Controller also features a battery life remaining indicator, which warns you by blinking when the battery is low, and the Turbo Function that was designed to prevent motor burn out, which produces massive power (vibrations) when you press it for an extra boost.

The Bach Rotor

I’m not exactly sure what Bach Rotor means, but this is a egg vibrator that is powered by the controller.  And, it is powerful.  Seriously.  It is the most powerful bullet/egg vibe I have ever owned.  It will knock your socks off.

The Bach Rotor plugs in to the controller, then you turn it on (two different settings) power 1 and power 2.  These settings, along with the R and L and Up and Down controller buttons and the Turbo Button gives you 50 different vibrating functions.  Vibrations are mild to super fantastic, and the vibrating patterns go from straight vibration to undulating, to wave and zigzag patterns, to OMG too many to count.  The Bach Rotor measures 58cm in length, 25mm diameter, with a 900mm cord to plug it in to your controller.

The Other Vibrating Toys (sold separately)

So, once you have bought the Starter Set, you may want to add some of the other toys to your collection.  Each one is very different and made for different functions and your anatomy.

The Feel Mont Blanc Clit Stimulator

This strange little device is a clitoral tickler, with squid-like tentacles on the end of the vibrating toy.  But don’t let the strange look of the toy dissuade you.  This toy vibrates and also the head twists back and forth rotating on a flexible, spring-loaded shaft than can move around, giving you a wide range of motion. So the head basically massages, rotates, tickles and vibrates all at once, with 50 variations of speed and patterns all together. The head is made of top quality soft silicone and the bottom of the shaft ABS plastic.  It measures 130mm with the tentacles 25mm long, and a 900mm length of cord.

The Predator Wand

The Predator Wand is a vibrating wand made of G spot stimulation.  And it is beyond perfect for this task, simply amazing.  The 28cm shaft is a bendable “flexible pipe rod arbitrarily “, and can adjust from completely straight to a U-shape and anywhere in between.  The thin neck bends and rackets into place easily (no buttons to press): you just bend and it snaps into place which is where it stays until you bend it another way.  The head is bulbous and features a firm egg-shaped protrusion covered by high quality silicone and small, flat pleasure bumps.  The handle has grip rings making it easy to hold.  Like the other vibrators in the line, it features 50 modes of vibrating patterns.  You can also use this vibe for clitoral stimulation as well, as it is VERY strong indeed.

The U.F.O. Nipple Stimulator

WTF!  Seriously.  This is just amazing.  There has never been a breast/nipple stimulator (that I am aware of) designed like this thing.

But, here is the basic idea.  The U.F.O. Nipple Stimulator design begins with what I’ll call the jelly-fish flying saucer gadget made of super soft silicone that adheres/suctions onto your boob.  The jelly-fish vibrates and there are small exchangeable tickler tongues (6 in all) that attach inside via a magnet.  The jelly-fish plugs into your controller to give you vibrations and make the tickler tongues rotate and kind of lick your nipples.  Very weird to have a jelly fish sucking on your nipples, but feels great, so, what the hell!  How they came up with this amazing design I have no idea, but it works better than any breast pump, vibrating nipple stimulating device that I have ever tried.  The website says, with the various tickle tongue attachments, and including the 50 modes of vibrating patterns, the U.F.O will give you 300 different kinds of stimulation.  Each of the silicone tongues is different, from firm tongues to tickling squid tentacles, so quite a variety of different textures and feelings.

Not only that.  You can get a second set for your other boob and hook it up to your controller with the splitter cord for dual boob action.  This splitter cord also allows you to use the bullet (Rotor) and the G-spotter (Predator) vibrators together, which was what i tried for an amazing masturbation session.

You can also purchase two male masturbator devices/sleeves that work with the controller as well, but I didn’t get those for review.

So, that’s the R-1 U.F.O Series of Vibrating Sex Toys Line.  Pretty impressive, diverse, multi-faceted, power and ultimately unique in design.  With the complete line of this product, you would definitely not need anything else.  Check them out!

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