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Studio- Reel Queer Productions
Director- Courtney Trouble
Cinematography- Eon McKai
Cast- Akira Raine, April Flores, Billy Castro,  Sophia St. James, Carson, James Darling, Jolene Parton, Sarah Lee Sinful, Tina Horn, and Vid Tuesday.
Music- Broken Water, She Beast, and Terrorbird.

The latest film by Courtney Trouble, “Bordello”, is a whodunit mystery queer porno with plot that takes place as you may have well imagined in a bordello.  It features a Madame played by the lusty April Flores, a submissive servant boy played by yummy Billy Castro as well as various whores and tricks played by other alt/queer performers who have appeared in past Reel Queer Productions’ flicks.  This film is much more ambitious than Courtney’s past films with more elaborate sets, costumes, characters, lighting and cinematography (thanks to Eon McKai).

The Plot

A hommicide is committed, and like good players of a Clue game, the amateur sleuths set out to find out whodunit, as they search for clues throughout the bordello.  It is a mystery in three parts: “Act One: The Tricks and the Whores,” “Act Two: The Clues”, and “Act Three: The Mystery Revealed”, but actually has about “nine” scenes in total including an Intro and four scenes in Act Two: “The Gun,” “The Dagger,” “The Candlestick,” and “The Rope”.

Intro: Madame and Servant with April Flores and Billy Castro

Billy Castro services his Mistress April Flores on a vintage couch in the parlour.  There’s cocksucking, tit-fucking and sucking (who could resist April’s amble breasts!), finger fucking, strap-ons, verbal humiliation, and doggie style fucking.  At one point Billy is fucking April bent over and she is gaging herself on her fingers which is very hot.  She is also services with a Hitachi Magic Wand and makes Billy say, “I am your slut and you own me” repeatedly while she fucks him on top, her tits bouncing in his face.  Suddenly, the doorbell rings and April orders Billy irritably, “Fuck…  Go get the whores.”

Act One: The Tricks and the Whores—A Montage Fuck-fest featuring Akira Raine, Sophia St. James, Carson, James Darling, Jolene Parton, Tina Horn and Vid Tuesday

In walk three hot chick tricks: Akira Raine, Carson and Tina Horn; smoking cigars and looking for sex.  It seems they’ve come to the right place as they are soon paired up with the Bordello’s ladies of the night: Akira with Jolene, Carson with Sophia, and Tina Horn gets double-time with Vid and James.

Because this scene is a montage of three scenes together that are taking place simultaneously, it is rather difficult to get into any of the sexual scenarios.  It cuts back and forth between all the action, all shot in red filter… anal plugs, faux cock sucking, fingering, ass play, etc….  This is not meant to be the meat of the film however and is merely an opening to introduce the characters and set up the plot.  You get the meat later in Act Two.  Act One ends with big scream and they find April in the parlor crying over her dead boy toy Billy, who has been mysteriously murdered.

Act Two: The Clues—The Gun with Carson and James Darling

Carson is a fucking wet dream.  Seriously.  I’ve seen her in several other films; she often plays a top and is drool-worthy for sure.  James Darling is a cute boi who is very androgenous and has a huge penis-clit and he jerks off which is super hot.  Carson makes James suck off her gun that they find as a clue in the garage and dominates him with face slapping, hair pulling and by calling him a faggot.  Carson finishes James off by a pussy fisting while he jerks his clit until he comes.  The set is great and gloomy, the rapport between the performers sizzles including the dom/sub chemistry making this scene the hottest in the film.

Act Two: The Clues—The Dagger with Akira Raine

This is a solo masturbation scene with Akira Raine, a hot little Bettie Page rocker, alt-chick who is sexy as hell.  Akira finds a knife in an upstairs hallway and proceeds to cut up her stockings and then impale herself with the blunt blade, which looks real enough, so pretty hot.  I’m a freak and would have loved a cutting scene here (yes, real!) as that’s one of my weird-ass fetishes: knife and blood-play (done safely of course); but that doesn’t happen.  Instead she masturbates to a boring dildo jilling willing herself off.  For the most part, solo scenes for me are rather boring as I like to see the interaction of the players.  So while her climax was no doubt real, this scene (except for the first part) didn’t really do much for me.  I do want to say that it was exquisitely lit and shot though using mundo weird angles ala Eon McKai, so was pretty to watch.

Act Two: The Clues—The Candlestick with Sophia St. James and Vid Tuesday

Sophia St. James is a bodacious gal who plays the dominant role on Vid, a cute pecker-head with glasses, using a lit candle and wax play.  The candle is the normal kind of paraffin white wax, which can be pretty stingy, but Vid takes it like a trooper.  First Sophia dribbles wax on his ass, then inserts the lit candle up his as (flame out obs!) and spanks him.  Then she pours candle wax on her own tongue which is very hot, in more ways than one.  She fucks his ass with a hand-held dildo and Vid really gets off as she sucks his large pierced nipples.  You can tell that Vid is loving the punishment and that Sophia is enjoying giving it.  The scene is genuinely hot in a very sensual way with lots of connection between the players making it a close runner-up to best scene of the flick.

Act Two: The Clues—The Rope with Tina Horn and Jolene Parton

I really like Tina Horn a lot (loved her in Seven Minutes in Heaven), but in the last two films (the one and Nostalgia) I’ve seen her in, I haven’t been able to connect with her scenes.  Maybe it is the performers she is hooked up with and their lack of chemistry, or something else, but this scene is lacking pizzazz and character connection.  Tina does breast bondage on Jolene, spanks her, they neck, and fucks her with a strap-on in a stairwell.  The stairwell may have been another thing that put me off of this scene as it was a boring set as well.  So, the only thing I can say about this film is bleh.

Act Three: Mystery Revealed

After searching for and finding their clues, the Bordello players all gather in the parlor to find Billy’s dead body missing.  WTF?  April has a conniption and needs to be comforted by her whores.  Then in comes a cop (Sarah Lee Sinful) to figure out the mystery.  But, while April is being comforted, Sarah goes to investigate the house and finds Billy, very much alive.  Billy fucks her, fists her and she squirts a lot, one of her many skills.  The scene is short but pretty sexy.  In the end, Billy takes over the Bordello and makes April his servant/slave.  Pay back’s a bitch.

Bordello is one of the best films by Courtney Trouble thus far.  The acting is pretty well done, considering they had a plot and witty dialogue to perform.  The sex is pushing a few boundaries and pretty hot. And the overall production value is great, including cinematography.  If you buy and of Courtney Trouble’s films, this would be the ONE.  It is also up for an award at the Feminist Porn Awards in T.O this year.

You can get Bordello from as well as Courtney Trouble’s other films.

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