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The 8th Day Review

The 8th Day (2009)
Studio- Adam & Eve
Length: 265:34 minutes
Director- Ren Savant
Cast: Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Kylie Ireland, Jandi Lynn, Derrick Pierce, Krissy Leigh, Tyler Knight, Bree Olson, Tori Black, Poppy Morgan, Darryl Hanah, Violet Marcell, Evan Stone, Amber Rayne, Sledge Hammer, Cheyne Collins, Trinity Post, Chris Cannon, Jerry

The 8th Day is the newest “blockbuster’ adult film by Adam & Eve.  It is epic, and by that I mean long.  It has two disks for the film itself with over 4 hours of “action” and 9 hours of DVD extras.  It has also been getting some great reviews including the coveted XCritic Pick and is currently the “#1 Adult Movie in America”. –XCritic Pick

This is a porn with plot film.  If you are more of a gonzo guy or girl, you won’t like this film.  However, if your favorite films are Pirates or Fashionsitas, you may get into it.  I happen to love Pirates and Fashionistas, but had a different reaction to this film.


Modeled after the post-apocalyptic dystopian actions films of the 70s like Mad Max and Tank Girl, The 8th Day features Kayden Kross, a Barbie-doll blonde with fake tits in the lead role of Samantha who awakens from a cryogenic slumber to find the world has been destroyed by technology and is now a nomad’s wasteland with warring tribes of survivors.  Turns out it was her father—a scientist and the guy who put her into suspended animation—that is responsible for destroying the world.  So Sam goes out into the now near deserted LA and wanders around for a long, long, time, occasionally finding deformed humans to have sex with or run away from.

She is then kidnapped, but quickly rescued by scavenger Mel (Amber Rayne) and taken to a desert oasis called Elysium Fields where the inhabitants down technology and follow enigmatic leader, Prince Amir.  However, once Amir whose real name is Dave finds out it was her father who destroyed the earth, Sam is sacrificed to die in the desert.  The end.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!  While the premise of this film is cool, and the setting, costuming and special-effects make-up stand-out including the awesome tribal tattoos that most of the adult performers sport, the film is slow, long, and the sex scenes mediocre.


Rather than bore you with a scene-by-scene breakdown, I’ll talk about the one scene that really shines starring Amber Rayne with Cheyne Collins and Sledge Hammer.  Amber Rayne who was awarded the 2009 AVN Unsung Starlet of the Year award, is amazing.  Not only is she a believable actress which is hard to find in the adult industry, she has lots of other talents.  She really takes on these two guys who are supposed to “cleanse her” of bad technology from her wanderings in the city.  She is the most enthusiastic and skilled cocksucker I’ve ever seen on screen.  And, while I’m not usually into cock-sucking scenes, she had me riveted.  She chokes and gobbles down two cocks back and forth with an animated “Ha!” (and lots of spitting) each time she goes back down and stuffs these huge cocks down her throat like they were putty (see clip above!).  She also is amazing at anal (something she is known for) and DP as well, and these guys can’t get enough of her.  They are crazed as she orders them to give her their cocks and she drives them wild.

The other scenes are far less fantastic, featuring mutant-sex between Kayden Kross, Tommy Gunn and Aaron Wilcoxxx; a phony domination scene featuring Kylie Ireland and Derrick Pierce as sex slave Jandi Lin watches; an incredibly annoying girl-girl scene with Bree Olson, Poppy Morgan and Tori Black who howl like sex-starved cats gone mad; and a fall from paradise inspired scene with Darryl Hanah as Eve (who looks identical to the real Darryl Hannah),Violet Marcell as the snake and Evan Stone as Adam.  There is also an orgy feast featuring many of the above and a final scene with Kayden, Violet and Evan, none of which are worth mentioning.

I didn’t bother watching the extras, because it took four hours of boring non-action to watch the feature.  This is of course my opinion, and you may enjoy the film like so many other reviewers did.  It is definitely worth it to see Amber Rayne’s scene.  Also, I must mention that The 8th Day won several awards at the AVN (2009) as well including: Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene (Tori Black, Bree Olson and Poppy Morgan), Best Videography/Cinematography, Best Makeup, Best DVD Extras, Best Packaging Innovation, Best Online Marketing Campaign—Individual Project, and, the biggest Award, Best Video Feature.  So, obviously someone loved the film.

You can purchase the DVD and BlueRay via PopMyCherryReview Shop.  And, you can also watch the individual scenes at as well.  If you want to just see the Amber Rayne scene mentioned above you can also check it out on VOD here (see scene 2).

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