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Eon Mckai’s Content

eon mckai content

Content (2009)
Studio: Vivid Alt
Director: Eon McKai
Cast: Kimberly Kane, Mr. Pete, Coco Velvet, Daniel, Madison Young, Dane Cross, Cali Nova, Ben Jammin, Kitty McMuffin, and Sherwood

“A space that anticipates content…”  This, according to the DVD intro is Eon McKai’s vision for the film.  But, what exactly is “content”?  The dictionary defines “content” as a noun: 1. something that is contained: the contents of a box.  2. something that is to be expressed through some medium, [or] various arts. 3. significance or profundity; 4. the latent versus the manifest content of a dream. 5. Philosophy, Logic. the substance or matter of cognition.

So “Content” is “something” contained “in a box”, expressed through an artistic medium (ie: film), an idea that is significant or profound, but which is obscurely hidden.  Or, is it, as the DVD jacket suggests “just a postmodern porn cop-out… or yet another scheme to infuse porn with content”?  As with many of McKai’s films, it is often hard to decipher.

What McKai hopes to deliver, however, is a film with more “content” or substance” “something [the viewer] can jerk-off to” as the “performers reveal their ‘Recession Position’ and give more of themselves than ever…”  And, Content does exactly that.  Kimberly Kane (uber-horny after a month long self-imposed chastity sabbatical) claims to give her best anal performance ever and most of the scenes (five in all) are over 30 minutes long.  That’s a lot of, um, content!  No frills, no fluff, just hardcore fucking content, behind-the-scenes-like jumpy gonzo footage and cutting a la Eon-alt style.

Scene One – Kimberly Kane and Mr. Pete

Kimberly says this is her best anal scene ever and admits that Mr. Pete (skin-head, tattooed and hot with a big cock) is her favorite male performer.  Mr. Pete says “show me how you first ever kissed a guy” and Kimberly gets her face fucked and chokes up a salvia stream that connects her to his cock like a gooey umbilical cord.  Raw and nasty hardcore fucking ensues as he shows her who is the doggy daddy and fucks her silly like a jack-rabbit on steroids until her eyes roll back into her head.  Excellent chemistry between the two, you can tell they are really getting off.  Kimberly and Mr. Pete rock!

Scene Two – Coco Velvet and Daniel

This scene is very playful and entertaining.  Coco is the cutest little pixie fuck muffin ever and Daniel has the hottest body, smooth and lean like a jelly-bean.  I love the way he picks her up like a little rag doll and tosses her around, playing plop the fuck puppet on the cock.  Coco giggles throughout the scene and is very vocal as she squeals and moans. Lots of sucking and fucking from every angle imaginable—a marathon porn scene that shows Daniel’s super-porn hero endurance.  Coco also does a cute little wiggle dance on Daniel’s dick which is hot.  Fun scene with lots of sexy chemistry!

Scene Three – Madison Young and Dane Cross

Madison fans will know her from her awesome bondage and lesbian films, many of which she wrote and directed herself.  This is her first appearance in an Eon film and I wonder what the hell they’ve been waiting for!  I know, busy, busy.  Dane is a goth-geek with rimmed glasses and pretty cute.  He and Madison make a good pair.  Madison has to be one of the most eager cock-suckers I’ve ever seen as she gobbles his dick like a sex-starved whore.  Dane says sex with her was super-intense, and I can believe it as at one point she looks absolutely demonotic as she’s getting double fisted.  An enthusiast for intense sensations, Madison is eager to submit with a smile on her face (except when she’s a half-crazed succubus) as she gets choked and fucked in a storage room on top an old dryer.  Super hot!

Scene Four – Cali Nova and Ben Jammin

These two are girl/boy-friends and I think this might be their first porn?  Not sure, but they are fairly unsure of themselves at times and a bit awkward.  Cute couple though.  He’s a lanky, dark-haired goth and she’s a suicide-blonde with some nice curves and tats.  This is the shortest scene of the bunch (approx 20 minutes).  Cali seems to have a bit of a lock-jaw problem as she tries to choke on Ben’s cock and the oral in this scene sucks (not in a good way).  They do somewhat redeem themselves with the old in-and-out.  Practice makes perfect.

Scene Five – Kitty McMuffin and Sherwood

Whoa, where did these two come from?  San Francisco we are told, and they are into Burning Man as well.  She is a super submissive sexy redhead and he’s a dominant dude.  Despite a lot of stop-and-go- action, the scene is fairly hot when it gets going.  Lots of force-feeding her head, some slapping, a couple of interesting positions as he lifts her and impales her on his dick.  The scene lacks some momentum, but not bad.  It just seemed like they didn’t stay with the same thing long enough to get enough… content.

This film is long, each scene 30 minutes plus with added Extras- Behind the Scenes for more “gratuitous content”.  Eon McKai wanted to give us “content” and that is what you get in this epic length (3 hours) of hardcore, alt porn.  “Content” is by far McKai’s best film to date, similar in style to McKai’s last film, “On my Dirty Knees” [my review], raw, edgy and seriously hot!  If you are looking for substance without the frills, you won’t be disappointed.

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