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The G-Spot Girl’s Resource Guide


Last month I reviewed several G-spot “tools” as part of an ongoing series on G-spot exploration.  So here are the best of the best of G-spot sex toys and resources as well as my mini reviews and recommendations to help you become an expert on your G-spot. Happy Ejaculating!

book g-spot Female Ejaculation and the G-spot by Deborah Sundahl.

For the Deepest, Wildest, Wettest Orgasms Ever… This book is absolutely fantastic!  It covers several topics including female anatomy, the physiological and emotional aspects of sexual exploration, G-spot exercises, types of orgasms, the best positions for G-spot sex, techniques, sex toys, as well as the history and theory of the G-spot. Whether you are just learning about your G-spot and have never ejaculated, or see yourself as a pro, this book has much to offer every woman.  An inspiring and practical guide to women’s most elusive sexual anatomy.  Guaranteed to teach you G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation!

buy_button Female Ejaculation and the G-spot – $21.32


dvd female ejaculation

Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation (2006)

For a novice who has never squirted and wants to learn how, this film would be an excellent guide.  For someone who can squirt, you may learn a few knew things as well.  This film covers many interesting facts about female anatomy, female ejaculation and teaches female ejaculation as it is a skill that can be learned through various techniques. Taught by Nina and friends via discussions, a demo scene and boy-girl sex scene, a fantastic How-to Guide and one of Nina’s best!

buy_button Nina Hartley’s Guide to Female Ejaculation – $8.85

dvd guide to g-spot sex Nina Hartley’s Guide to G-spot Sex (2005)

This is the eleventh sex guide in Nina’s series and features her usual format: Prologue Chat, Hands-on Demo, Feature Sex Scene, and bonus extras. Nina uses a huge anatomical chart to show viewers where the G-spot is, which is enlightening and makes G-spot anatomy easy to understand. In her demo scene she then really shows us the spot on actress Melissa by using a speculum so viewers get an up-close-and-personal and you can really see the spongy tissue inflating like a little wrinkled balloon.  Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo finish the film demonstration the best G-spot sex positions.  For those just learning about their G-spot or wanting to explore different positions to maximize G-spot sex, this would be a great place to start.

buy_button Nina Hartley’s Guide to G-spot Sex – $12.00

beyond-g Beyond G-spot Dildo

I can’t begin to tell you how much I am in love with this toy.  Basically, the same design as the Curve, the Beyond imporves on that design as is cheaper.  Made of velvety soft silicone, the Beyond features the lazy “f” shape that is perfect for G-spot massage. This beautiful design is also functional, with a rounded bulb shape on the G-spot end and an enclosed loop finger-hole on the other end, allowing for easy, ergonomically controlled, single finger manipulation.  The G-spot bulb is the perfect size and shape for rubbing the G-spot into deep body orgasms and provoking female ejaculation. While I still love my Curve dildo, the Beyond no. 3 is much more beautifully designed and has become my newest, most favorite G-spot toy.

buy_button Beyond G-spot Dildo – $49.50

gigi vibrator Gigi by Lelo

Gigi is beautiful: so sleek, smooth, and elegant. I have tried a few Lelo pleasure objects now—the Lily and the Nea—and all of them are exquisite luxury vibrators made with women in mind. Nea and Lily are clitoral vibes, whereas Gigi is perfectly formed for wonderful G-spot stimulation.  Gigi is a rechargeable vibe, so no batteries to worry about.  Gigi’s vibrations feel like a sensual massage, so lush and organic against the G-spot. That is not to say that the vibrations are not strong however, for they resonate well, sending exquisite sensations through the entire region that are sure to bring you exquisite orgasms!

buy_button the Gigi – $82.50

discover-g Discover G-spot Gel

Discover G-spot Gel is a body-friendly, natural organic product by Intimate Organics.  It worked fabulously to stimulate my G-spot and provoke a more intense orgasm.  It contains all natural ingredients which together draw blood naturally to the g-spot, increasing sensitivity and enlarging the area, making it easier to find.  About five minutes after I applied it I felt a mild cooling sensation and increased arousal.  Comes with a handy little pamphlet, which is very helpful if you have yet to locate your own. Does not contain harmful parabens, menthol, animal products or glycerine.  It  is the best G-spot stimulating gel I have ever tried and now a frequent flyer in my G-spot pleasure kit!

buy_button Discover G-spot Gel – $16.41

delight-g Delight $103.77

In the world of G-spot sex toys, there are ones that stand above the others, and the Delight G-spot Vibrator really shines! The perfect G-spot curve on one end and ergonomically designed handle on the other allows this vibe to find your G-spot every time and pump it to ejaculation with ease.  Features strong vibrations and various pulsing settings for added stimulation.  The shape of the Delight allows for pressure against my G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, building my pleasure in both areas to give me dual clitoral and G-spot orgasms (or what are called blended orgasms) with lots of gushing! The very best thing about the Delight (aside from giving me amazing orgasms!) is that it is a rechargeable vibrator.  I have found that, on top of being environmentally friendly, that rechargeable vibes are often much more powerful than battery operated ones, much like plug-in massagers.  The Delight is my new #1 Favorite G-spot toy!

buy_button the Delight – $103.77

aveline Lovemoiselle Aveline

This glazed ceramic by Lovemoiselle will turn your sex toy into a work of art.  These lovely dildos are as beautiful to behold as they are practical to use.  Ceramic is smooth and sleek, so feels great as a sex toy.  It is a non-porous, hypo-allergenic, body-safe material that makes them the most hygienic and easy to clean adult toys on the market.  Ceramic can be heated or cooled for temperature play, and little bit of your favorite lube goes long way.  Add to that, the quality of these dildos, that if cared for properly, should last a lifetime, and you have a product that is very environmentally friendly as well.  The Aveline by Lovemoiselle was designed specifically for G-spot play.  It is a slow curving toy with a rounded head that is angled to massage the G-spot perfectly. Beautiful, practical, and excellent quality makes Lovemoiselle’s ceramic dildos some of the sexiest and most innovative sex toys on the market.  These toys are sure to get you squirting.

buy_button the Aveline – $55.75

rockchick Rock Chick

I have tried a few other vibrators similar to the Rock Chick including the Snugglepuss with not so great results. The Rock Chick is different, however. Unlike like other sex toys the Rock Chick fits my anatomy better and is made of very firm silicone which translates into firm G-spot stimulation, which most women respond best to. The best way I found to use this vibe was to insert it, sit on it and, ya rock! When you sit on this vibe it penetrates deeper and also snuggles the clitoral area and vulva much better. Using a rocking motion, you can get the vibe to “fuck” you hands-free which is an incredible sensation, much like riding reverse cowgirl.  The Rock Chick gave me an amazing orgasm using this method and is the best dual-vibe I have found on the market.  Watch out for look-a-likes made of cheap plastic though as these are not the same toy.

buy_button the Rock Chick – $57.73

we-vibe200x200 We-Vibe

What’s all the hype about? The We-Vibe is a very unique design.  Much like the G-Rock and Snugglepuss the We-Vibe is built in a U-shape for simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation.  One end (the smaller end) fits securely inside the vagina to hug the G-spot, while the other end form fits to the vulva and clitoris.  The We-Vibe is rechargeable comes in a stylish case that can fit right in your purse. While is is okay playing with it solo, it is best used for partner penetrative sex.  The We-Vibe is deceptively small, and a penis (or strap-on dildo if you prefer) is able to penetrate and fuck you into ecstasy while the We-Vibe molds into place on your G-spot sending waves of vibration and pleasure to your sweet orgasmic zone.  Although I would prefer a more powerful vibration from this toy, once inside you and you are having sex, you probably won’t care.

buy_button the We-Vibe -128.99

CNVLIB-FFT-RED Liberator Throe

Female ejaculation leads to wet and messy fun, and, that’s where the Fascinator Throe by Liberator comes in handy. Cause, no-one wants to sleep in a soggy puddle. The Fascinator Throe is basically a sex blanket, but is designed to be so much more. It literally absorbs all of the wet, juicy love drippings, spurts and spills you can throw at it. The Fascinator is beautifully designed with sensual fabric. One side features a luxuriously soft “furry” side made of microfiber or shag, while the other side is smooth and satiny. Both fabrics feel wonderful against your naked body. The Fascinator is also very fashionable, and comes in funky designs like leopard and tiger-print, so when not in use can be thrown over the bed as a chic topper or as a throe over your couch. It looks so stylish no-one but you and your lover will know that you use it for sex. It is also completely machine washable (and keeps it shape perfectly after multiple washes), so clean up is a breeze.  Don’t ejaculate without one!

buy_button the Liberator Throe – $85.00

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  1. Adriana says:

    I really like this list. For me, the Lovemoiselle Juliane is key and I’d swap the Beyond #3 for the Curve but it’s all good!
    .-= Adriana´s last blog ..Fun Factory Curve =-.

    • Domina Doll says:

      Thanks Adriana! I just got the Pure Wand and love it now more than the Juliane. It’s really a toss up between the Curve and the Beyond. The Beyond is cheaper, and a bit classier looking so that why it wins!

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