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Zomi Cuff Kit

From now until March I will be reviewing products that couples can use together including kinky sex toys and sensual kits, as well as posting a series on kink play like my recent article Are You Kinky?

First up is the gorgeous Zomi Cuff Kit from  I can’t tell you how many times I went to the website and stared longingly at the Zomi products which are exclusive to Liberator.

The Zomi Cuff Kit is a high-class, stylish restraint kit, luxurious enough for even the most discerning Domme.  This sexy kit features a silken blindfold, silk and black velvet cuffs and an elegant Zomi storage case.  Each piece features a black and gold ornate brocade pattern on the outside.

The Silken Blindfold fit very snuggly, which is good because there will be no peeking!  It slips onto the head with a thick elastic-fabric band.  Although I don’t consider my head big, this blindfold was tight upon first use, but gets more slack and comfortable as your wear it in.  It wouldn’t fit a person with a large head though, like most men.  But, then, I can hardly see men wearing this style of blindfold either, as it is designed to be sexy and fashionable.

The Silk and Velvet Cuffs  feature a thick cuff attached with ribbons of silk that are used to tie them on and then bind them together, or to something else.  The sizing on these is much more generous as they are adjusted by how tight you tie them.  They are very soft, sensual and comfortable, much more so than leather or metal cuffs.

The Silk Brocade Zomi storage case is very roomy.  You could fit half dozen toys in here easily.  It features a waterproof liner (aren’t they smart!), small inside pocket and zipper closure.  This case is so chic you could use it as a purse or overnight bag and no-one would be the wiser.

The Zomi Cuff Kit is the ultimate is stylish bondage for those who admire elegance and luxury.  The kits are available in Gold or Red at  Receive a Cupid’s Adventure Kit Free with orders over $75!

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