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The Pinch Nipple Clamps Review

Here is my review of the Pinch Nipple Clamps (Pinkcherry link)  from sex toy retailer

This toy is from their 50 Shades of Grey Official Collection. (.ca) are the official distributor of the Fifty Shades line of products in Canada.

Pinch Nipple Clamps Review

The Pinch Nipple Clamps are f@cking amazing!  I am a nipple/breast play kind of girl, so love toys that stimulate these areas on me.  I can pretty well orgasm just from nipple play.  And, I just loved these nipple clamps.


Well, aside from being super comfortable and stimulating, they are sexy as hell too.  I love the way these clamps look on the body (aka boobs) as they dangle down and make the nipples very prominent.  Plus there is a tiny little tag on each with the Fifty Shades of Grey printed on it, that looks a bit like dog tags or an ownership tag on a collar.  Unless you actually look at the print, which is almost too small to read, it gives the impression of ownership, which is sexy too.

The clamps are made of quality metal and the beads that dangle have a nice bit of weight that tugs at your nipples, yet is not painful.  You just won’t forget they are on, and every move you make will remind you as they dangle and jingle and tug and pull seductively.

These type of clamps are tweezer style,  a style I normally don’t like as much as others (read my Nipple Clamps 101 article), but they are so well made that they will not pinch by mistake, and the tips are covered with soft, comfortable silicone.

So, to wrap up, these nipple clamps are of excellent quality, well made, feel great, comfortable yet titillating (hehe), sexy as hell to wear / look at, have a nice weight, and made of body safe materials.  Yippee! What else could you ask for?  Oh, did I mention they also come with a nice little silver satin storage bag?

If you are looking for quality BDSM sex toys, has an amazing selection, great (affordable & competitive) prices and the fastest delivery I have ever seen.  Plus, shipping is FREE over $49* (see or for details for free shipping to the US and Canada).  In addition, (.ca) are the official distributor of the Fifty Shades line of products in Canada and the US, so if you are looking for the toys that were in the books, get them at Pink Cherry!

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