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Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle Review

Here is my review of the Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle (Pinkcherry link)  from sex toy retailer

This toy is from their 50 Shades of Grey Official Collection. (.ca) are the official distributor of the Fifty Shades line of products in Canada.

Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle Review

The Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle has a kind of silly name, but is actually a pretty good product.  I’ve reviewed many of these types of paddles from time to time that were poor quality and made of yucky or flimsy material.  Inside they usually are made of cardboard which easily breaks.

The Twitch (let’s call it that for short), has a piece of sturdy metal or flexible hard plastic inside (I didn’t destroy it to see which) so it won’t break upon impact.  The material is very nice: silky satin on one side and pleather on the other, each of which delivers a different sensation.  The pleather, like leather has a stingy more painful impact, while the silky side is more sensual and padded for a more subtle blow.

The shape is nice and the handle easy to grip, whether you have small or large hands.  The stitching looks like very good quality, so I don’t imagine this will come a part too quickly.  It also has a tiny Fifty Shades of Grey official tag and a shoelace on the handle for hanging.  The colors are black and silver which is very classy and unisex, which I liked.

My BF used this toy on me.  I enjoyed the soft sensual side very much, while my BF said he liked the stingy pleather side as it got a better, more desired result from me.  Ie: flinching, jumping, oh, ouch, ah, etc…  I think most people could handle the sensual side easily (unless the TOP went crazy with it), so for that reason this is a great paddle for beginners.  For you hardcore pain seeker I believe the pleather side would suffice, that is if you enjoy stingy rather than thuddy.  It can deliver a nasty sting and turn your bottom read and rosy.  So, this toy is great for anyone who likes to use impact play before/during/ or after sex (or instead of), whether you are a newbie or seasoned kinkster.  In addition, this paddle comes with a nice black storage bag as well.

If you are looking for qualityBDSM sex toys, has an amazing selection, great (affordable & competitive) prices and the fastest delivery I have ever seen.  Plus, shipping is FREE over $49* (see or for details for free shipping to the US and Canada).  In addition, (.ca) are the official distributor of the Fifty Shades line of products in Canada and the US, so if you are looking for the toys that were in the books, get them at Pink Cherry!

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