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Bling Bling Finger Cuffs

I used to own a really cool pair of finger cuffs until some asshole stole them from me.  Finger cuffs are actually pretty hard to find and I didn’t think I’d ever replace my old pair until I saw the Bling Bling Finger Cuffs.  My old finger cuffs were simply designed and made so you couldn’t get out of them without a key.  I took a chance on these, thinking the bling was cute and pretty, and hoping they would be just as hard to get out of.

Unfortunately, these finger cuffs (which are actually worn on the thumbs) didn’t fit.  They were too big and I could easily slide out of them.  I tried them on a few of my girlfriends and they also didn’t have a problem getting out of them.  Well, blah!  If only they had of made one more notch in the locking mechanism…  On the other side of the scope of fit, I tried them on my guy and they were too small.  So, I’m not exactly sure who they would fit.  Mind you I have small, slim hands, and my guy has thick meaty workman’s hands, so I guess somewhere in between.

Besides the fact that they don’t fit and are not escape-proof because of that, I think these finger cuffs are very cute, seem to be sturdy and well made.  Too bad they don’t make them with more notches to fit a more diverse range of people.

Bling Bling Finger Cuffs | Sex Toys | Bondage Toys

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