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“Tickle My Tush” Erotic Reading Book Review

Tickle My Tush

Tickle My Tush” is a small sex help book about anal sex written by Dr. Sadie Allison. It is the same size and design as Dr. Sadie’s other books, so if you’ve owned her other books, this book will probably interest you as well. This small, pocket-sized book (well, maybe slightly larger than pocket size!) features 14 chapters, multiple hand-drawn illustrations, is in black-and-white, and has 135 pages. The book does include nudity in their illustrations, so this is probably not the book to be reading in public.

“Tickle My Tush” is all about anal sex, and as such, it covers a bunch of topics that have to do with anal sex. It includes a couple introduction chapters about anal play and why you would enjoy it, anal safety, hygiene for the bum, anatomy of the butt, sensual booty massage, fingerplay, licking, penetration, orgasmic anal spots, butt toys, strap-on butt sex, different sex positions, and more frequently asked questions.

Something to understand is that this book is not the most detailed book out there. Some of the other anal sex books out there like those from Cleis Press tend to be more detailed, but when something gets more detailed, it also tends to get longer. Dr. Sadie Allison’s book, Tickle My Tush, is mostly for those who want a good, brief introduction to anal sex and the activities that go with it without having to spend a long time reading. It only took me about an hour, total, to read through the entire book, so this is not a bood that will take a lifetime to read.

One of my bigger annoyances about the book is that Dr. Sadie Allison chose to “rename” the anatomy of the butt in order to make things sound more sexual. Throughout the book, the butt is called the “a-spot” with the anal canal being the “pleasure inch”, the rectum being the “pleasure tunnel”, feces being “color”, and so-on. I can understand why she did that (to make anal sex sound less scary), but at the same time, just like I hate the fact that some people are afraid to talk about the clitoris so they say “c-spot”, it bothers me that basic anal anatomy has been renamed throughout the book. This may not bother you nearly as much as it bothers me though.

The “Tickle My Tush” book covers a good variety of information. While it won’t give you everything you’ll want to know if you end up finding that you enjoy loving anal play, it definitely gives you the basics you need to know to enjoy different types of anal play for the first time. The first couple chapters are specifically written for those who haven’t enjoyed anal play before, so it does appear that the book itself was written for those who find they have a curiousity for anal play but haven’t explored it yet. I would definitely agree that that is the target audience. I don’t know if those who have done anal play regularly in the past would take too much out of this book, but there might be some new things that they would learn.

Something I noticed is that this anal sex book tends to focus purely on the positives – which can be okay in some instances. I especially noticed it in the butt toys chapter – there’s mention of how pleasurable and how well butt plugs can stay in, but there really isn’t any mention about how some can slide out or ways to help plugs stay in better. For anal beads, again, it talks about purely the positives of anal beads and not really much about some of the “worse” types of beads with the stringed beads. This definitely makes the idea of anal sex seem more approachable (which I’m sure is the goal of the book), but it also might make you think you’re “weird” for finding a negative about the things the book highly praises. Again, as an introductory guide, though, it does make things seem very pleasurable and friendly, so it succeeds there.

I must admit that I love the illustrations in the book for sex positions though. While the book doesn’t have a ton of positions to display, it does have really well-done illustrations that will show you a bunch of anal positions you can attempt. There are even three special strap-on anal positions for women who want to penetrate instead of being penetrated. All of the drawings are of skinny and fit men and women, but as the drawings are detailed (and not stick figures), it’s much easier than other sex position books to figure out what goes where and how to do it. The sex positions aren’t just your typical doggy style and such, though, so Dr. Sadie did a good job of including new and different sex positions to try.

The “Tickle My Tush” book is an okay book if you are looking for a very positive start on your anal sex journey. If you are looking for a more balanced guide (with positives and negatives) and are looking for something that goes more in-depth, this book is probably not for you. If you are looking for a basic book that calms your fears and walks you through the basics of the different types of anal play you can do, though, “Tickle My Tush” fits the bill. Thanks to Dr. Sadie Allison for sending this sex help book for my Tickle My Tush book review.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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