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“The Harder She Comes” Erotic Reading Review

The Harder She Comes“The Harder She Comes” is a Cleis Press erotica book focused on femme/butch lesbian erotica. This lesbian erotica book has 208 pages with 18 different stories inside the book. The formatting is like a typical Cleis Press book, and it’s easy to locate stories and read them. The book does say “The Harder She Comes” in large text on the front cover, so it may not be the most discreet book to read in public unless you can hide the cover.

The theme of this book of erotica is “Butch/Femme Lesbian Erotica“. Unlike other butch/femme erotica, though, this book doesn’t make the roles always work like you expect. Sometimes the butch is the submissive one while the femme is the dominant one – it varies depending upon the story. Sometimes the couple is already in a relationship, and in others, it’s their first time meeting. The majority of the stories focus on just the two characters, but there are a couple stories that include more than just the two for the sexual action.

Like all Cleis Press erotica books, the writing and the editing is amazing. This is a high-quality book of erotica, and it’s pleasant to read through. None of the writing comes across as crass, and even if you aren’t a butch or femme lesbian, the writing is still very hot and sexy as long as you enjoy lesbian erotica. The plots aren’t all the same, and it really is like reading a different story with each story. One of the main differences I noticed compared to “heterosexual” erotica, though, is that most of the stories feature some sort of power play – usually one person is the more dominant while the other person is less dominant. It isn’t always in a BDSM-type way, but there usually is a clear dominant in each one of the stories.

While I know it’s some people’s fetish or interest, I personally didn’t like the fact that many stories referenced the butch as “daddy”. I know it’s pretty common in the butch/femme world, but for me, it was definitely a turn-off. I’m sure that others will like it, though, and if it doesn’t bother you, then you probably won’t even notice it.

The book still had quite a few sexy stories in it. For the most part, I enjoyed very story in the book – some more than others. Aside from the language in a couple stories, I really would say that every erotic story in this erotic anthology is a nice and arousing story. I did have some favorites though:

In “Pound” by Shanna Germain, a butch woman is watching as a femme-looking girl comes in. The butch woman makes a bet with her coworker about what type of dog the woman will take home, but of course, the femme is much more interested in taking something else home. This one is really cute, and the flirtation between the characters is really nice.

In “Channeling Charles Bukowski” by Aimee Herman, the main character dresses up as a guy for her office party, and surprises herself by visiting the men’s room instead of the women’s room to use the bathroom. What she finds in that room makes this story a very hot story though.

In “Happy Ending” by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a massage woman finds another massage-goer under her hands – and things start to heat up when the two of them find an undeniable attraction between the two of them. Of course, they must be quiet though.

The Harder She Comes” is a good and hot book filled with erotica about butches and femmes and when the two come together. Some of the language may not appeal to everyone, but most of the stories are really hot, and I love the fact that it has butches and femmes appearing outside of their “normal” roles sometimes. Thanks to Cleis Press for sending out “The Harder She Comes” for review.

The Erotic Reading Review is a regular column written by Kayla. This column brings you reviews over erotica, instructional, and other types of sex-related books.

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