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Jennings Dental Mouth Gag

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I was first introduced to the Jennings Dental Mouth Gag during a Kink Party that I put on at my place during the filming of KINK 5, a Canadian TV docu-drama that explored bdsm relationships.  I was in the show briefly due to my photography of one of the featured personas (a fetish model) and for hosting a huge play party: “Day of the Dead Fetish Masquerade”.

In conjunction with the party that had lots of bdsm play, we also had fetish performances and one of the performances was a Creepy Mad Doctor and his sweet little patient.  The Creepy Mad Doctor was actually the one wearing the dental gag, which made him seriously more creepy and sinister.  Basically the performance scene had his pretty patient come in complaining of a cough.  The Mad Doctor did several things to try and cure her cough including an examination, spanking, cutting open her and removing balloons of blood.  Finally she was cured by a very good spanking that dislodged a condom from her throat.  The performance was amazing and very horror-show, made even creepier by the Mad Doctor’s dental gag.  At least that was the one thing that stood out for me.

Ever since then I’ve been wanting to get a Jennings Dental Mouth Gag myself, dreaming of the endless possibilities of humiliation and torture you could do to your victim.

dental gag

The Jennings Dental Mouth Gag is a stainless steel open-mouth gag traditionally used by dentists.  When used in BDSM play, it has many possibilities for play.  The most obvious is use in medical play when giving your patient an oral examination.  Like a pair of forceps for the vagina, the dental gag does the same thing for the oral cavity.  Then you are free to poke and prod and make them say “Ah…” as they drool helplessly.

Other fun uses for dental gags are force-feeding, making the object of your humiliating play a human ashtray or toilet, or simply as a restraint device.  I just love the way it works and find it is a perfect tool for keeping your victim’s mouth forced open during fellatio.  It is a very humiliating, objectifying tool that is sure to put a saucy submissive in their place.  I can assure you that you won’t get any back-talk after making them wear this for a little while.

While traditional ball gags have their use, the possibilities with the Jennings Dental Mouth Gag is much more interesting in my opinion.

This gag is easy to use.  Make sure to wash it first with hot water, or sterilize it with alcohol.  Then, simply close the tool using the ratchet, place in mouth behind front teeth and then slowly open the ratchet until you get the desired or maximum openness you want.  The ratcheting lock mechanism will then hold the mouth open.  Nasty!  Although awkward and humiliating to wear, it is actually very comfortable.

You can find the Jennings Dental Mouth Gag and other Medical Play devices at Extreme Restraints.

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