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The NobEssence Delve

The Delve by NobEssence

When I think of a natural or green sex toy, the most obvious material that comes to mind is wood.  Wood is just so earthy.  A seed is planted and with nutrients, water and sunshine, becomes a beautiful tree.  How more green can you get than that?

Wooden dildos have been around since the Stone Age.

“For thousands of years, dildos have played a role in erotic culture. Although Upper Paleolithic art has led to speculation that the first models were made of dried camel dung covered with resin, the first documentation of a dildo comes from Ancient Greece. The city of Miletus was renowned for its leather, wood, and ivory olisbos – they were sold not only in the shops of the city, but by Miletan traders on Mediterranean circuits… In Renaissance Italy leather and wood versions required olive oil to make them sufficiently lubricated for use.  Outside Europe, dildos had also been in use since ancient times. In China, they were sometimes made of wood, jade, and ivory; there are reports that unripened bananas were used in Arab and Polynesian countries. The Kama Sutra refers to dildos made of wood and tubular stalks or reeds tied to the waist, and a Chinese painting from the nineteenth century depicts a woman using a dildo attached to her shoe.”—Dildo, American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition, 2000.

What made wood ideal for a penetrative toy, is that it is easily shaped into a desirous form that facilitates pleasure.  Wood can be smoothed to a fine finish that is nice and hard, so perfect for penetration.  Today, a few sex toy manufacturers are coming back to natural materials like wood, such as NobEssence.  Their hand carved sculptures are elegant and simplistic in design, but, you won’t find their dildos hanging out in some ancient cave.  They are much more sophisticated than that.

The Delve, like other NobEssence sculptures, is a beautifully designed artistic object.  I liked the shape of the Delve because it reminded me of a Goddess sculpture.  More than that, however, the shape intrigued me as it looked perfect for my G-spot, one of my favorite sexy body parts that I like to keep happy.  It features a bulbous head, a middle bulb, and a long tapered teardrop body.  It is 9” in length and 1 1/8th at its widest spot.

The Wood

NobEssence uses exotic hardwoods grown in a sustainably managed farm in Costa Rica.  Rather than take hardwoods from a tropical forest, this farm grows their own to “reduce the pressure on the world’s declining natural rainforests” as well “protecting nearly 7,000 acres of tropical rainforest” with an additional “14,000 acres of the farms as private wildlife sanctuary, completely off-limits to all hunting.”  I was very impressed that NobEssence bothered to take this extra step to ensure their dildos are made from sustainably harvested trees.  This is truly a GREEN company.

Once the wood is sculpted into its desired form it goes through a “16 step finishing process”, including their “trade secret Lubrosity™ coatings and processes” which make all NobEssence’s dildos waterproof and hypo-allergenic. This coating is completely body-safe, odorless and does not contain oils, waxes or petroleum ingredients. It also protects the toys from swelling or splintering, making the toy non-porous and therefore impermeable to bacteria.


How did the Delve perform and feel.  Delicious actually!  While the longer, tapered end on the body didn’t rock my world, the rounded knobby head felt divine against my G-spot.  It provided quite a full feeling when I first inserted it.  A little bit of water-based lube paved the way inside, and soon the wooden head was bobbing around inside me and delightfully slippery.  Wood feels hard, but unlike glass has a more organic feel.  I’m not sure how exactly describe the feeling any better than that.  Except… It was almost like my vagina wanted to muckle on to it and mould it to my intimate anatomy.  It was really unlike any other material I have ever tried.

My G-spot especially loved the Delve and squirted quite happily.  I could see those knobby bulbs feeling quite lovely anally as well, as I slid it in and out.  If I were an esoteric magick woman in a distant age using this dildo as I worshipped the Goddess of sex, I would have had a spiritual epitome with this thing.

NobEssence makes truly green sex toys from it sustainable wood materials to the nice hard cardboard display box that it comes from.  You can check out more of their lovely wooden sexual sculptures at

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