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Ice Rack

It’s Party Time!

Ice Rack Party Sculpture

This review is late, so I apologize.  I meant to put this up during the summer, but my friend who took photos of it never sent me the photos, so I’ve been waiting for them.  I still haven’t gotten them, so on with the review, better late than never.

The Ice Rack is a great idea for any party and will add a lot of laughs and entertainment to the mix.  I only had a few friends over when I brought this frozen ice sculpture torso out to surprise them.  I had frozen the sculpture a month prior, so was eager to set it up and see what it would do.

The Ice Lugez makes the Ice Rack and also the Ice Man with penis.  I picked the female torso as I thought it was prettier and looked more like a sculpture.  It comes with a plastic form that you fill with water to freeze and easy instructions.  Getting it out of the plastic form must be done carefully once it is frozen, but I didn’t have any problems with this (or should say my partner didn’t with his trusty knife).  Once out, there are two tubes that lead from the top of the torso where you fill it to left and right breast where the liquid comes out.  You have to pull out wires from the tubes in order for the liquid to flow.  We did this and drank Mojitos from the nipples all taking turns.  After a while the rubber tubes got clogged and froze up, so we removed them and the liquid flowed freely without a problem.  Using with very cold or frozen drinks will probably do this.  Although, this is a lot of fun, it is pretty messy unless you have something like a huge bowl to catch the excess spillage. We did it in our barn, so didn’t worry about getting the floor and ourselves a bit wet.  The plastic form is one time use only, which is a drag, but understandable the way it is made.  I’m not sure if they could make it so it lasted more than one use, to be honest.

The fun and torso lasted for hours and we got lots of great photos.  Too bad my friend won’t send them to me so I could show you.  In the meantime, check out the fun Youtube video below of the Ice Man.

Anyway.  The Ice Lugez is a blast and very fun, even if you only have a small group of people.  I recommend it for any party.  You could probably create different drinking games to go with it as well, if you were clever!

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  1. carnivalesq says:

    @dominadoll Dude, seriously, make your friend send you those pics. I want to see them. xD

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