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Sexy Holiday Gifts for Lovers

All too often when we think of sex toys we think of solo sex.  I wanted to put together a sex toy gift list that encourages intimacy between couples, and pleasure for two lovers, no matter what gender you might be.  Here are some of the sexiest gifts for the holidays for lovers to share, explore and have fun together.  The following gift ideas range in prices, so there is sure to be something affordable for every budget.  Spend some quality time with the one you love and take the stress out of the holiday season.

Sensory Massage Kit by JimmyJane at Babeland

1jimmyjaneJimmyJane stands for luxury and elegance.  Want to impress your lover this season?  Try the Sensory Massage Kit by JimmyJane which includes a beautiful Afterglow Massage Candle and the Contour M massage stone.  The Afterglow candle is the best massage candle I have tried and comes in the most amazing scents including Bourbon which is to die for.  Light the candle to create a sensual atmosphere, then brush the warm melted oil onto your lover’s skin.  Use the Contour M massage stone to glide across the body for a luxurious massage that is sure to put you both in the mood.

Love Kit from

1lovekitThe folks at has put together a tasty little lover’s box of treats for you and your lover to share together.  The kit features some intimate edible delights to start your feast including Orange Mango Oil, Sugar Plum Lotion, Thin Mint Body Candy, Raspberry Vanilla Body Dust, Good Lubrications Cream, Four Mini Heart Massage Bars and a Pretty Puff to tickle your fancy.  Sure to tease your taste buds and add a sensual oral experience to your play.

Lick-able, kissable, edible, lovable, Yum!

Tantric Lovers Game at VibeReview

tantric-loversThe Tantric Lovers Game is a wonderful way to spend an evening together exploring erotic delights and intimacy.  This game opens you up to new erotic potential, sharing together, loving together, giving and receiving pleasure, responding to each others mmm’s and ah’s.  Take your time and remember what it is like to explore your lover’s body without rushing, just for the simple pleasure it brings you both.  Give the gift of love to your lover and begin exploring intimacy together once again.

Lovers Choice Enhanted Evening Set

1lovf01-11_thmbMake it an unforgettable night with the Enchanted Evening gift set. This special gift set includes very berry warming massage oil, cocoalicious chocolate body paint with paintbrush, a pair of glass champagne flutes, a sprinkle of scented silk rose petals and four mood setting tea-lights. The enclosed guide also provides intimately romantic ways a couple can delight each other with endless pleasures that will leave you both breathless.

KinkLab Experimental Bondage Kit

1cnvsr-kl420thmbSpice up the holidays with this sexy bondage kit which includes a padded blindfold, a pair of wrap-around wrist cuffs, all in red leather, with a lush ostrich feather feather to tease and tickle your lover once you have them all bound up.  A wonderful kit for sensation play and great for beginners who would like to experiment with bondage play for the first time.

Tie me up and seduce me!

Kama Sutra’s Weekender Kit

1kamasutraThe Kama Sutra Weekend Kit is still one of my favorite kits made by Kama Sutra.  It features all of their most popular sensual products in sample sized bottles in a lovely little box.  Included in the box is the tasty Original Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm for stimulating your erogenous zones, Honey Dust, a feather, Wild Clove and Mint Tree Bathing Gels.

Bijoux L’eau A Deux Lovers Bath Set

138351Treat your lover to the ultimate erotic bath-time experience.  Light the candles, put on the sexy CD, sprinkle the bath with Essence foam bath and gently caress your lover with the massage gel and a soft massager. This set comes in a scented case and includes Bijoux Indiscrets Essence CD of sensual music, an invitation card, Organza massager, Bijoux Indiscrets Essence foam-bath, Bijoux Indiscrets Essence massage gel, Ambience candles in an Organza bag, and Aphrodisiac essence developed exclusively for Bijoux Indiscrets.

Bendeficial Anal Kit for Couples

1bendeficialfWomyns’ Ware has the perfect gift for couples who want to explore the intimacy of anal sex.  Bendeficial includes the Bender silicone prostrate toy, the Golly Gee silicone G-Spot toy, Mini Pearl and Rebuzz accessory vibes and Sensua lube, all in a cool galvanized bucket.  Both the Bender and Golly Gee are made by and exclusive to Womyns’ Ware.  The kit has everything you need to explore the ecstasy of anal sex together including batteries, so you can play right away on Christmas day!

Hot Nights Gift Basket from the Stockroom

1c259This special Limited Edition Lover’s Gift Basket has some wonderful Lover’s Choice products to make for an unforgettable evening.  Included in this kit is the Hot Heart Massager, Scented Rose Petals to lay on your bed, Champagne Flutes to toast you love, Sizzling Body Candy, Rose Essentials Scented Bubble Bath and Massage Cream, Bliss Dust, a Blindfold, Heart Shaped Chocolates and a Special Invitation Card to lure your lover into an erotic evening of sensual pleasure. What more could you want?

Coco de Mer Wet Weekend Gift Set

1cocoStimulate the senses with ‘Wet Weekend’ a luxurious gift from Coco de Mer that will show your lover they deserve only the best of erotic indugences.  This luxury gift set includes a sumptuous silk blindfold, feather tickler, Coco de Mer’s natural Spill lubricant, edible Hazelnut massage oil, Coco Fesse bath milk and a little Ember aphrodisiac candle which is made to melt over your lover’s body for an erotic massage they won’t soon forget. Packaged elegantly in a chocolate brown box with hot fuschia pink lining and matching ‘tie me tighter’ ribbon.  When only the best will do.

This gift guide is brought to you by Pop My Cherry.

Feel free to repost it with appropriate credit to Pop My Cherry and share the love!

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