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“Seal It With a Kiss” Book Review

Seal It With a Kiss

“Seal It With a Kiss” is a short book written by Violet Blue and published by Cleis Press.  It’s a softcover book with inner pages that are black and white. There are some little decorations inside the pages like small clipart pictures. The book is 131 pages long, and those pages are divided into 9 distinct chapters. The book is a new book; it’s published in 2010. The book is a small book in size at seven inches tall and five inches in width. The front of the book shows a little kiss with “Seal It With a Kiss”. The book is pretty discreet as long as you don’t mind others know that you’re reading about how to kiss.

The book is definitely nice and short and only took me a half an hour to read the book from cover-to-cover. It’s not something that’s going to take you awhile to read. Even though it’s 131 pages long, a lot of space is taken up for clipart and the text is pretty large. There’s also a lot of different headings, so there isn’t large blocks of text anywhere.

This book is directed towards heterosexual females. There are a couple mentions of homosexual activities, but the majority of the book is written in a “sisterly” manner with Violet Blue talking to the reader about kissing. The majority of the book is written in 2nd person with lots of “you” and “your”. It makes it pleasant to read and makes the book more of a friend-talking-to-friend experience than a book of being lectured at. While not a downside, the book was also written in a “free” manner of kissing as well. Violet Blue always mentions going out and kissing lots of people, so this book seems to have been directed at those who aren’t in steady relationships.

This book covers a good variety of topics on kissing. I never knew it’d be possible to actually make an entire book just about kissing, but Violet Blue did it. I was really hoping to learn a lot of new information about kissing, and I did learn a few things, but I don’t think I learned too much. Violet Blue basically expands on some of the tips I’ve learned over the years through Cosmo and other websites, but she does expand a bit on some new points I’ve never learned about. For example, she expands on things like how to cure up stubble-burn if he hasn’t shaved or stuff about hickeys. Some of it was a rehash for me, but other stuff was new to read and interesting to read.

The book has quite a bit of interesting information in it though. It starts off with information about what a kiss means and jumps straight into a cute little quiz to learn your “kissing personality”. The next part is all of the information about getting into the kiss including how to make the suspense pleasurable, how to know if he wants it, how to get him to kiss you, and how to make the first move. After that, the next chapter focuses quite a bit on how to make your lips appear kissable. The next chapter focuses on all of the different types of kisses including bad kisses and good kisses. The techniques chapter is very helpful in describing different techniques for kissing from the beginning of the kiss to the end of the kiss. Those techniques vary from teasing techniques to extremely sensual techniques.

We then get a listing of kissing do’s and don’ts just to know if you’re realy doing kissing like you should be. She lists remedies for common kissing problems like hickeys or stubble rash after passionate kissing. She throws in a really sexy chapter about how to take your kiss to the next level including flavored lip gloss and how to share beverages/foods during a kiss. The final informative chapter focuses on the more mental aspects of kissing including how to create suspense, how to create a connection during a kissing, and how to be flirty without being slutty. The last section of the book is all about different kissing games for you to play in groups as well as other games you can play with just two people.

Violet Blue’s book is actually a pretty good book. It definitely added to the basics I already knew about kissing, but I still wouldn’t call it amazingly advanced. I’d call it an intermediate book. It’s definitely a book I’d recommend if you want to learn more about kissing. Thanks to Cleis Press for sending me “Seal It With a Kiss” for review.

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