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The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Dating App Profile

One giant step you need to take towards dating app connoisseurship is creating a profile that’s going to attract who you want to attract as well as obtain likes rather than repel them. There are so many types of dating apps nowadays, and many of them are different as far as layout and how in-depth the profiles go.

Depending on what you’re looking for in a fling or serious relationship, you’re a whole lot more likely to get it if you get your profile right.

There are some tips to follow that will have your profile getting a lot of matches, especially matches you want. Here are the dos and don’ts in creating a dating app profile.

  1. Do show off your best (and most authentic) photos.

You’ll want to have some of the best photos of you on your dating app profile. If you’re not that interested in promoting your looks, then try highlighting your sense of humor, or emphasizing what you like to do in your free time in your photos. This will help you attract matches that are into similar things and want to do these activities with you!

  1. Don’t have too many photos (especially the first one) that obscure your face.

If potential matches can’t tell what you really look like, then they are much less likely to swipe right. Even though dating apps might seem superficial, you do have to be transparent about what you look like. Even if you think your looks might deter potential matches from swiping right, you’re probably wrong about that. Profiles that seem like they are trying to hide what they look like will get the least matches of all.

  1. Do write a bio.

If you leave your bio blank, potential matches have no way of knowing what you like, what you’re looking for, or any other information. Some people won’t care about this. Others might be put off. Even something short could help to attract matches. If you only have your height in your profile, you might seem shallow. Likewise, don’t rely entirely on your looks unless you want to attract people who are looking for the same. While this might help with casual flings and something sexy to write for, it probably won’t build the foundation for a solid relationship.

  1. Don’t write a novel of a bio.

On the flip side, if you list everything you’re looking for in your bio, or worse, your whole life story, you’re also likely to deter people from swiping right. They want to get some idea of who you are and what you’re about, but you also should leave a little to the imagination for the actual date.

  1. Do be honest.

Whatever you are looking for on the apps, don’t be cryptic about it. If you’re looking for flings only, then it’s better that you state that for potential matches who are also looking for that. The same goes for a relationship. Being honest will attract more positivity than the negativity of being dishonest.

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