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Is Casual Dating An Emotional Abyss?

Casual dating – An emotional abyss?

Now that online dating is so popular, there are a lot of sites which specialize in the more casual aspect of hooking up, rather than just solely focusing on serious relationships. Of course, this is nothing new; sex dating has been around for a long time. Not so long ago, we had to call special phone lines and use newspaper classifieds, but now it is as easy as just switching on our computers and opening our web browsers. However, just because it’s easy doesn’t make it everyone’s cup of tea.  There are actually a lot of people who think that casual dating is too hollow for them. But is casual dating really such emotional abyss, or are there some benefits?

What about lust?

Just because the concept of love is left out of one night stands does not mean that there are no strong emotions involved.  Most people decide to have casual sex because of one very strong feeling: lust. When we feel lust for someone, we show a very strong desire to be with them in a more sexual way, and just because it is a very basic emotion doesn’t take away from how intense it actually feels. In fact, there are many people who confuse love with lust because of how they rival each other in intensity. Lust is a strong emotion that can get us to do all sorts of silly things, and it can even make us feel jealous among other things. Sure, casual dating does not involve love, but it has plenty of lust!

What about companionship?

Even when you’re only having sex with someone as opposed to being two soulmates tied to each other, you can still appreciate the company of another warm body. Platonic partners can still talk and provide company to each other so they don’t have to feel alone. When people visit dating pages like:; they’re obviously looking for sex but that doesn’t mean that they don’t mind having a few little chit-chats first. When you meet someone for sex, there is still that curiosity about who they are and what sort of character they have. That’s one of the great things about no-strings sex: you have a good time and then you can still talk afterwards without feeling like you owe them something like you might so when you’re in a serious relationship. Good sex and good company, what is there not to like?

Help with insecurities

Here’s the other thing that people tend to forget: we’re not all confident enough to venture into a serious relationship, and that is not necessarily linked to how financially secure we are or how ready we are to have a family. Some of us are scared to enter a relationship because we’re not that confident in the bedroom department. No matter how much people praise serious relationships for love, they might also be the first ones to ditch you if you’re not satisfying them in bed. Both men and women are guilty of this, and it almost feels hypocritical how the people who swear about love will let you go because you’re not satisfying their lust. This is why sex dating is great: you get to practice and try new things without the pressure of failing your relationship; and who knows maybe overtime you can build enough experience that you are happy to jump onto the serious bandwagon!

So the bottom line is…

Sex dating is far from being the hollow thing some people make it up to be. For some it is a way to satisfy lust, whilst for others it is a practicing platform for them to get better. Sex is an important aspect of societal living, and we are constantly under pressure to get it right. If you’re looking for an outlet for those lusty feelings, or you’d like to practice your sexual skills, then casual dating could be just what you are looking for.


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