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Ophoria’s Finger Vibe 4

Ophoria’s Finger Vibe

The Ophoria Finger Vibe is a great idea for a sex toy.  It is made of silicone, and features a pinpoint vibrator with a comfortable finger loop to allow you to place the tip just where you want it.  I love this little vibe, it is so cute. However, try...

Zen Tranquility Vibe & Tantric Candle 7

Zen Tranquility Vibe & Tantric Candle

Consumers of sex toys are becoming more savvy and luxury sex toys are the new black.  In fact, luxury sex toys are becoming so popular that even cheap novelty manufacturers are trying to get in on the trend.  California Exotics, well know for creating novelty sex toys, and sex star...

Fairy Mini Wand Collection 7

Fairy Mini Wand Collection

I do admit to being a bit jaded when it comes to sex toys.  So when told me they were sending me the Fairy Mini Wand, and that it was hailed as being as powerful as the Hitachi, I was intrigued, but dubious.  I thought, wouldn’t that be great...

The Strangest Weird Sex Toys 7

The Strangest Weird Sex Toys

During the past month I have reviewed seven weird, strange, bizarre, repulsive, offensive and blasphemous sex toys as part of an ongoing series on Weird Sex Toys. So here they all are together,listed from stranger to strangest, just in time for Halloween so you can freak your friend’s and lover’s...